Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

Why would an abusive boyfriend make anonymous false allegations to child welfare when he knows you are a good mother?



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I am so very happy things worked out for you, but then I knew it would. Child Welfare has been known to make mistakes (at least in Canada) and that's why it never hurts in some instances to have family and especially friends, minister, priest, doctor, etc., to vouch for you. The next thing you should do is get a restraining order again this guy. It's not worth the paper it's written on as far as pestering you, but he'll twice about reporting you to Child Welfare again and you at least want this trail of paperwork behind you in case of further problems. Here's another good tip. Keep a log on what doctor or dental appointments your child has. This is a good back-up system as well and shows that you are on top of things and doing the best you can.

Abusers love control and you "are the one that got away" and he doesn't like it. Hopefully he'll meet someone else and your headaches will go away.

Good for you. Keep up the good work!


It isn't that he particularly cares for the child, but he knows how much this will cut you to the quick and he's pushing your buttons. He wants to make life miserable for you. Child Welfare will investigate so get some good and reliable family and friends who will vouch for you that you are indeed a good mother. If at all possible you should seek out a lawyer and depending on the circumstances you could go for sole custody. Usually the court system will sway towards leaving any children with the mother.

Child welfare did come to my place but left after talking with me and my child for under 3 minutes!! They said they can tell I am a good Mother and no worries!!! They were completely satisfied. I was shocked cause I lead a quiet life, no drugs, no alcohol, nothing going on that is wrong. My child receives the best love and attention. I guess I am curious as to why a man would do this when he knows I am a good Mother. He is a mental abuser and recently became physical and I'm breaking free. He never lived with me either this is why I am confused as he made this report while we were together.


Unfortunately, in his sad little mind this is another way to get at you. When you are abused whether its verbal, physical or emotional when the abuser sees or feels that the victim is gaining any sort of strength or getting help from someone, they go to the next level. Get some of your other friends to write letters to child welfare not only on your behalf of being a good mother but on how abusive he is. Get him out of your life. You and your children deserve better. He is a sick, sad , small minded individual and will never change unless he gets help for the rest of his life. Don't subject yourself or your kids to this foulness, there are men out there that would love to show you what a real healthy relationship is.


your boyfriend either truly wants his child! Or he just wants to make your life harder than what it is because you probably aren't together. or you aren't letting him spend time with his child. If it isn't that then he's just an ass.