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He's still trying to have control over your life. Get the upper hand- slap one on him before he does it just to control you. It'll keep you and your family safe because if he violates it, then you've got the control.

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Q: Why would an abusive ex-husband after you stand up to him and threaten to hit him when he dropped by unannounced and you haven't bothered him in any way at all threaten you with a restraining order?
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Get a restraining order or move away.

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Talk to him nicely about it and if he don't leave you threaten him by pretending to get the cops involved or get a restraining order :)

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Yes. In order to obtain a restraining order you have to swear under oath as to the truthfulness of what you are charging the other person with. It is against the law to give false testimony or make false accusations.

What can you do about an ex husband that continues to harass threaten and verbally abuse you over visitation?

You can get a restraining order against him. Go to your city`s court house or police station and ask them for help in getting one.

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