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Abusive people are all about control and he's very angry that he's lost control over you. An abuser can be kind and loving at the beginning (a trap) and once he has his victim where he wants them the abuse begins and just gets worse. Brain washing is part of their ploy and if he threatens you enough and let's you feel you are the one bothering him you may just believe him. They play a lot of mind games. If he phones you, then put him on speaker phone and tape his phone call. You can't tape a call off a cordless or cell phone (it's too weak a signal) so use that speaker phone. Keep those tapes and if he ever tries to charge you with something you have evidence. Even though tapes are not always admissable in court, the judge can and will listen to them in his chambers and believe me, that will sway his thoughts about who is telling the truth and who isn't. DON'T CONTACT HIM! Don't answer his calls or emails and stay away from the places you use to go (such as bars, cafes, etc.) You are in control over your own destiny. If you made the effort to stay away from him you wouldn't know about the restraining order. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Why would an abusive ex whom you completely avoid tell you if you contact him that he will get a restraining order then come around to you again trying to talk when he knows you're over him?
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Will your boyfriend get into trouble if you visite him when there is a restraining order that's says you cant have any contact with each other?

Yes. The penalties depend on where you live and the circumstances around the issuing of the restraining order.

What are two signs of an abusive relationship?

If you always fight, then it is an abusive relationship. If you do not want to be around your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it is an abusive relationship. If you can not talk or be around your family and friends then you are in an abusive relationship.

How can you make your ex leave you alone and quit trying to make up excuses to contact you if one time he is verbally abusive and the next time he is so in love with you and wants to work things out?

change your number and don't give out to anyone that knows him and then avoid him at all cost if you see him around ignore and go about your normal day like he doesn't exist or ask him what is his problem and then tell him to leave you alone you don't want anything to do with him! Talk to a judge or attorney and get a restraining order. If you feel there is any threat of violence, explain that to the judge and there is little doubt that the restraining order will be awarded. After that, if he violates any part of the restraining order he can be arrested.

How much are restraining order fees?

i think its around $250.00??

Why are some men abusive to their wife?

becaue they themselves usually had an abusive childhood and are taking it out on the person they are around the most

Can an abusive husband hide it from his neighbours?

An abusive husband can, and probably will hide it from his neighbours. But mostly it depends on how the husband is abusing the person, and if the neighbours are snooping around or listening in. So the answer is yes, and no. If you know someone who even MIGHT be getting abused, you should contact the police. Not trying to get in your buisiness or anything. Just a suggestion. :]

Is there any way around a restraining order if you did nothing wrong?

Nope. If a judge ordered a restraining order, you must comply with its stipulations. There may be an appeals process, though. Check with your lawyer to find out if you can appeal the order.

How do you spot an abusive man?

When he attacks you.When he says he doesn't love youWhen you feel sad when around him

Do you need a reason for a restraining order?

YES! The conditions required are that you feel your life in in jeopardy or that you are under the threat of great bodily harm. You do not go around getting temporary restraining orders because it is Tuesday and you do not like someone.

What action should you take if someone threatens to kill you?

Report to the police. Possible restraining order if they hang around.

What is an inappropriate technique for restraining a nervous horse for minor veterinary procedures?

Wrapping your arm around the horse's neck.

Who is Dorothy Powers?

She is my sister, and she is slightly abusive to me, she also doesnt help around the house at all.

What do you do if your girlfriend is abusive?

Physically abusive? Call the cops. It is no more acceptable for a woman to beat a man then it is the other way around. Or leave her. Dont put up with that. Verbally/Mentally abusive? Let her know how she makes you feel...ask her why she treats you like that. If she doesnt stop....again....leave her.

If someone places a restraining order against you can they come around your home and child Even if they have the permission of the other parent?

* Yes they can, but then they would be breaking the laws associated with the Restraining Order. So would they get in trouble or would it just nullify the order?

Can 2 people get married if the court ordered a restraining orde?

The courts issued restraining orders at the request of the party who requests it. If that petitioner then turns around and WILLINGLY weds the respondant it would appear to nullify, by their own choice, the court order.

How do you handle an abusive ex who has custody of your children?

You shouldn't have to handle them. The only contact you should have is for the childrens visitation, school and medical decisions. Bring someone with you as much as possible when you have to be around them, abusive people tend to back off when they have witnesses. Write down what they do that is abusive and go to the judge that handled the divorce and see what they think...Let the abuser know in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate their ways anymore, scream it at the top of your lungs, with some supportive family and friends present. Give them a taste of their own medicine, see how they like it...

Can a mother stop fathers new partner from having contact with child?

If being around the child put the child in danger you can get a restraining order (you will need proof) but otherwise the parent who have the child at that moment decides who they will see. That also goes for the mother when she has the child and meets a new partner.

How many restraining orders are issued for domestic violence a year?

Around 2,000,000 a year is given out because of domestic violence.

Why did Michael Jackson not want to be with his dad?

Michael did not like being around his father as he was physically and psychologically abusive to him.

How many times does it take to leave an abusive partner?

After your abusive partner abuses you once you need to leave. There is no staying around because it won't get any better it only gets worst after you let them abuse you once.

Does a day need time for the sun to drift completely around the sky or the moon to drift completely around the sky or the earth to turn completely on its axis?

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Can a man from non-abusive upbringing become an abuser if with a partner who grew up in an abusive home with no therapy at all?

It is highly unlikely that man who does not have an abusive personality will become an abuser if their partner grew up in an abusive home and refuses help. Good men know they should never hit a woman which in some cases can lead to male abuse by a woman. The stress of being around an abusive person be it verbally or physical abuse is bound to have effects on the non abusive partner, but most men will only take so much and have the opportunity of leaving the relationship.

Your boyfriend and you fooled around there was no intercourse however there was genital contact are you at risk of pregnancy?

There will always be a chance if you make contact with the genitals because the male could leak pre-sperm onto the vagina which could enter and travel up. It is highly unlikely but you shouldn't rule it out completely.

What can you do to legally stop your mother from any and all contact with you?

what you need first is a REASON. why do you not want to have contact with your mom? if it is because you don't feel safe and comfortable around her , and feel your safety, life, and health is in danger, you contact emergency ppl or somebody you trust and takl to tthem abbout it. after the talk, see what the trusted person says. if they say to, contact authorities and your mother might be separated from you. do you have a dad or other relatives? go to and talk with them, and also speak with your mother.If your mother really is an addict and abusive, you should contact the police and child protective services.

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