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He's abusive. You said so. He doesn't need a reason to be mad at you or hostile toward you. He's a schmuck. In today's world, there's no reason in the world why a woman should stay with an abusive lout. Leave him. Because of his abusive behavior on a normal basis you just reminded him of what a real rat he is. He isn't nice to you so he doesn't want you being nice to him. Kick this rat to the gutter!

2006-08-31 19:21:42
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What have experts recommended as good "anniversary ideas for him"?

When getting an anniversary present for your husband or Boyfriend try to think about his personality and interests. Browse the Internet for things he's interested in and you will come up with gift ideas in no time!

Where can I find ideas for an anniversary present for my husband?

Try You can get gifts for him, gifts for her, and gifts for it. You can get gifts for anyone and for just about any occasion. You should be able to find something special for him.

What present for 30 year wedding anniversary?

The pearl is the traditional 30-year anniversary gift.

Is patrice king brown present husband caucasian and her first husband African American?

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You just got an anniversary present a pendant with 3 diamonds what do they represent?

past present and future

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What does the three stone anniversary ring symbolize?

past, present, future

What to give for a 4 year wedding anniversary present?

Hugs. Mean it.

How do you prove if your mentally abusive husband as a psycho to others?

You shouldn't have to proove anything to anyone. You should be open with your family and friends and put it out there your not comfortable and being abused. If you have and voicemails, or text messages you can always present them. You can also record anything when you know something is about to happen. If you have a mentally abusive physcho husband, you should get out of the relashonship, take your kids, and get a restraining order againsted him. There are plenty of hotlines, and websights you can go to that specialize on your case and i think they could help you greatly.

Is ignoring spelled correctly?

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What should I do if our one month anniversary is coming and also Christmas?

How about in his Christmas present, you have an anniversary present in there to. If it's kind of far from Christmas though, go ahead and get him 2 presents. Everyone likes presents! :D

What are the release dates for A Present for Her Husband - 1909?

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What do you do if your husband is emotionally and physically abusive and you just bumped into an old boyfriend and you are tempted to cheat?

==One thing at a time== If your husband is truly abusive (you're not just looking for an excuse to wander), then you need to get out of the relationship, and fast! Once you have removed yourself from the abusive relationship, and have a chance to reflect on the reasons you chose a man like that, and also the reasons for remaining in the relationship once you found out that he was abusive, then...and only then, you should feel free to look for, and engage in, other relationships. If your old boyfriend truly cares about you, he will understand and give you the space you need to work through your present problems. Good luck. Bugger off with the old flame if you've got any sense.

Can a Muslim women go back to her ex-husband?

Yes. Only if her present husband willingly divorces her.

You are at a friends house and you need to give your parents an anniversary present what should you do?

Leave and go give your parents their present..easy

How girls get battery?

Battered- they are in abusive relationships, battery is the name of the crime when physical abuse is present.

What is the traditional 30 year wedding anniversary present?

That is a great question. 30th anniversary typically calls for pearls from what I know. You may consider a necklace for this occasion.

What 60th birthday present can you give to your husband?


What do you do when your husbands family dislikes you?

Talk to your husband about it. You may just need to find common ground. Try helping them out: cook something for them, show them you care, throw a party for them, or do something that they will love. And maybe give them a present, such as for an anniversary, that shows that you understand and like them.

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What is a good 15th anniversary present?

The 15th wedding anniversary is "crystal" or apparently watches are the modern equivalent. You could combine the both and get a crystal watch. Jewellery is always a winner though.