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change your main relay, when it gets hot it it cant start the engine. I had same problem.

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Q: Why would an acura legend ls 1993 wont start the battery is brand new the engine seems almost starting but it fells short you have changed the spark plugs the fuel filter could you please help?
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Why your car not starting?

Engine, battery there are many answers to this.

What kind of battery is used in a CJ jeep with a 350 engine?

A marine starting battery is used in a CJ Jeep with a 350 engine.

Why is a car not starting but the battery works?

Double check that the battery works, then check if the engine works.

Will car start if alternator is dead?

Yes, the battery starts the engine, and as long as the battery is fully charged the engine will start. The battery will loose it's charge if the alternator is defective and not replenishing the charge of the battery but the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine.

Clicking noise when starting engine?

The Battery is shot and you need to replace it.

What would cause 1999 Mazda 626 not have any power with fully charged battery?

The battery has nothing to do with the power of the engine. Now if you are referring to starting power then some batteries can show a full charge and still not be able to start the engine. Remove the battery and have it tested for free at almost any auto parts store that sells batteries or Walmart.

Do your check engine light stays on after you charge your battery?

i just changed my batterys out on my truck now my check engine light is on?

2003 gmc Yukon check engine light comes on what could be the problem?

changed battery engine light stays on

What does the reduced engine power light mean?

The reduced engine power light means that there is a problem with the battery or power system. It almost always means a battery connection issue.

Can starting a car recharge a battery?

If the alternator is in good condition, it should provide a charge to the battery while the engine is running and it will recharge if the battery is also in good condition. The act of starting the car actually discharges the battery.

Where is the main battery on a 2014 Mercedes e350 sedan?

The main battery for starting car is in engine bay. There is an aux.battery in the trunk.

Why check the 12v battery ampere?

The more amperes the battery has the better it is at starting your engine in cold temperatures. Also the larger the engine the more amperes is needed to turn it over.

Are there any cars where the hood release lever is outside the car?

At one time, they ALL were on the outside. Starting in the 190's, they were grradually changed over to an inside release to secure access to the engine and battery.

BMW warning symbol meanings?

yellow , looks like a battery almost/or a check engine??

How do you clear the battery warning light on dash after you have changed the battery?

Check to see if the alternator is working Connect a voltmeter to battery: Without engine running reading should be about 12.8 With engine running reading should be 13.8-14.2 If not bad alternator

Do you have to disconnect a battery before charging?

No, you do not have to disconnect the battery. Just do not start the engine with the charger connected unless the charger is built for starting purposes.

You changed the temp sensor why is your engine light still on?

it has to be reset if you disconnect the battery for a few minutes should do it

Why does a Ford Falcon engine not turn over?

Seized, starter issues, battery are the starting point

Why would the battery light be dim?

It could mean weak batteries. If it gets better on starting and rev the engine, it is the battery otherwise it could be your alternator.

Can excess battery acid build up cause engine to lose power?

Battery acid does not build up, there is a fixed amount. Provided the battery is kept topped up with pure (distilled) water to replace any lost gases during charging, it should last a few years. There should be no battery acid in the engine. The engine needs battery power only for starting.

Why is engine not starting?

The engine needs good battery power, fuel, compression and spark to start and run. You are missing at least one of those.

Should your car start right after changing the alternator?

If the battery is fully charged and the starter is working properly it will turn over and start. The alternators sole purpose is to supply voltage to the vehicle and battery when the engine is running. When the engine is not running the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine. If the alternator went bad and the battery was discharged then you will have to charge the battery before it will be able to start the engine. Do not jump start the engine with a dead battery if you can avoid it. This puts a strain on the alternator trying to recharge a dead battery and can damage the alternator, even a new one.

Why does a kohler lawnmower engine turn over slowly when starting?

Weak battery, or starter going bad.

Is a battery a part of an engine?

the battery is a part of the vehicle as is the engine.

What are the Symptons of a bad voltage regulator on a caravan with a 3.3 liter engine?

usual symptons are dead battery or under-charged battery causing starting problems

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