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It will work. If your '91 had the premium sound system (amp behind rear passenger side panel)you need to hook up the blue and white amp power wire. If that is hooked up and still no go, then the amp may be hooped.

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How do you wire the speakers on an aftermarket radio in an 89 Lincoln town car?

You have to go purchase an aftermarket wiring harness. that will plug into the factory harness then you can wire it to the aftermarket radio.

What do you do if your aftermarket radio wiring harness does not match the factory wires?

Many aftermarket companies sell adapters for aftermarket wire harnesses. They have the original factory harness at one end and you cennect that to the harness that came with the radio. Check your local car audio installer.

You bought aftermarket radio and harness for a 91 explorer radio powers up but there is no sound why?

you have to power the remote wire, splice it into the power wire, it came with a factory amp. had the same problem.

Where is the radio harness that you can hook your aftermarket radio into?

Usually when you get the radio the place you bought it will have a wiring harness that will fit the car. If not then go to a radio installation shop and ask for one. This will then plug right into the factory car harness and then you connect the radio to this harness. That's it. Good luck.

Radio Wiring Harness Diagram for a 2004 ford explorer?

2004 ford explorer radio wiring

How do you bypass or integrate amp on 1993 318is when installing aftermarket radio?

get the after market wiring harness

How do you wire a aftermarket stereo in a 1996 Ford Explorer Sport if factory speaker wire harness has been cut off?

See "Related Questions" and "Related Links" below for radio wiring diagrams.

How do install an aftermarket radio in a 97 geo prizm?

Slide the new radio into the radio slot. Attach the wiring harness and the antenna cable. Secure the radio with the retaining bolts.

A radio wire harness diagram for a 2000 Ford Explorer?

I would like to find a diagram for the car radio speaker wires on a 2000 ford explorer

Can aftermarket radio work with GM theftlock?

yes you can install an aftermarket radio in a GM vehicle that is equiped with a theft lock radio. the radio itsel has the theftlock not the car so you can install any aftermarket radio in the car. There may be some other parts that you may need to install an aftermarket radio such as a dash kit, wiring harness and antenna adaptor. If your vehicle is a newer model with Bose and onstar, you may need an integration kit made by PAC-audio.

Can you change an infinity radio to an aftermarket radio in a 2004 mitsibushi galant?

Yes you can, you have to splice into the correct wires since a normal wiring harness doesnt work.

Can the radio controls on the wheel of a 07 civic si be used with an aftermarket stereo?

We have put an aftermarket car stereo in a car with the controls on the steering wheel. You have to check to see if an aftermarket wiring harness is available for that year and model.

How do you wire a radio for a 1988 Toyota?

Go to wal mart or your local stereo shop and pick up a factory plug in harness for your car, unplug your factory radio and plug in the harness, then you just wire in the aftermarket radio to the open end of the cutting wires so you can put the factory radio back in by just unplugging the new one and replacing it

How do you install a aftermarket radio to a Mitsubishi eclipse 2001?

You will need a special wire harness. You can get it along with instructions and support at

Where is the radio harness located on a 1991 Chevy Cheyenne 1500?

It is connected to the back of the radio. I suggest you purchase an adapter for your radio ( about $10 ) it is easy to connect and makes your aftermarket radio plug straight into the stock harness. This is particularly useful if you are going to want your radio back when selling the truck. Since it is a 91 someone may have already cut the connector out and wired an aftermarket unit into it. adapters and dash kits are available from and are surprisingly cheap.

How do you install aftermarket radio in 2002 civic?

go to wall mart buy a after market harness and a wire crimp set remove old radio conect new harness to existing old one and crimp all the same color wires from the new harnes to the new radio its easy

What is the stereo wiring diagram for 2004 Kia Spectra?

Try these out ...... Radio 12v pink + radio harness Radio Ground black - radio harness Radio Ignition pink + radio harness Radio Illumination blue/black + radio harness Factory Amp Turn-on N/A Power Antenna green/black + radio harness LF Speaker +/- blue/red - yellow/black +,- radio harness RF Speaker +/- black - yellow +,- radio harness LR Speaker +/- brown - white +,- radio harness RR Speaker +/- green/orange - blue/orange +,- radio harness

What is radio wire harness color codes for 1992 explorer?

go to www.installdr.comim sure they have the diagram your looking for

Do you need a radio code to install an aftermarket radio in a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant?

No, you do not need a code. Be sure and get a harness connector to hook up the radio to the car wiring. A mistake could cost you a bundle if you blow a computor.

When installing a new radio in a 1989 Dodge Caravan winfinity factory radio how do you integrate it with factory amp or bypass the amp?

if you are using an aftermarket wiring harness hook up the remote turn on wire on the new radio it should be blue with a white stripe to the harness also has a blue and white stripe and plug it in this wire turns on the factory amplifier if you are not using a harness you will have to locate the internal amplifier wire of the radio and connect that to the remote turn on on the aftermarket radio = answer = the inernal apm power wire is white on the black wire harness ANSWER if you dont want to use the factory amp. just run new speaker wires to each speaker.

How do you install aftermarket radio in a 2000 codge caravan?

how do i install a aftermarket radio in a dodge caravan

How do you install an aftermarket stereo in a 1996 Ford Explorer Sport if the speaker wire harness has been cut off?

go to your local ford garage ask then to photo copy the radio wire harness out of the 1996 evtm book it will tell you what wires are what if you have one wire that is metal braded that is for the amp that will need to be repaired get the wire from the local auto yard and have it in stalled

What is the stereo wiring diagram for 2006 Chevy Trailblazer?

Radio 12v orange + radio harness Radio Ground black - radio harness Radio Ignition (Class 2 Serial Data) Radio Illumination gray (dimmer) + radio harness Factory Amp Turn-on pink + radio harness or amplifier Power Antenna N/A LF Speaker +/- tan - gray +,- radio harness RF Speaker +/- lt. green - dk. green +,- radio harness LR Speaker +/- brown - yellow +,- radio harness RR Speaker +/- dk. blue - lt. blue +,- radio harness

What is needed to play an aftermarket radio in a 95 Nissan 240 besides a radio harness mine had a factory clarion system in it with a built in amp?

The correct wiring harness should allow the radio to play. Make sure that the output of the radio is correctly wired to the amp (don't feed a high output speaker line into a low power amp input).

Does a Mazda RX8 radio have RCA jacks?

NO, they have a harness for it on eBay though for 50 to 75 dollars