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Here are responses: * Several things could be the cause. Low coolant. Heater valve. The belt. The compressor. Check these in the order shown. * You most likely to need a new temperature control switch in your heater/ac. This is the switch in the dash; easy to change.

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Q: Why would an auto AC turn on but only blow warm air?
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Why would your 1994 ford explorer only blow warm air when you turn on the ac?

low freon or none

What would cause your fuse to blow when you turn on your lights on your 1995 Honda Accord. The fuse to the tail lights on dash lights blow?

What would cause your fuse to blow when you turn on your lights on your 1993 mazda 323 the fuse to the tail lights on dash lights blow?

What would make a 1995 jaguar only blow cool air when the air conditioning is on?

jaguars blow, the ac is making the cool air. turn it off, to stop cool the cool air.

92 lumina and when you turn on the heat or air it will only blow from the floor and defrost it wont blow from the front vents what would cause this problem?

vacuum leak the vacuum reservoir is below the left head light, check the hoses

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2003 Chevy Silverado and you only get your heater fan motor to blow air when you turn it up to 4 or 5 What would cause this?

Defective blower motor Resistor Pack. Replace it.

Why would your heater fan not blow when you it turn on in a 1987 full size Blazer?

check the switches and the motor

Why would cold air blow out when you turn on the heater?

engine not warm, low coolant, or stuck thermostat

Why does a 2002 Arctic Cat 500 auto ATV blow the ignition fuse when you turn on key to start?

I had the same problem and I took it in and it was the rear brake ground wire shorting out.

Why would heater only blow hot air when you turn the temp switch down Replaced temp switch and still does it?

A restricted/plugged heater core can do that. Try flushing the heater core.

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Why would fuse 16 for the directional signals blow on a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis?

If this is the case, try disconnecting the ac compressor. If not that, it could be in the 'master switch' (turn signal lever unit). Does anything else go out along with the turn signals? Does it only happen when you turn on the heater or ac?

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Why would the hazard and turn signal fuse blow on a 1999 dodge ram pickup?

check for shorts in the system

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What would cause both the turn signal and brake light fuses to blow on a 2001 Ford Escape?

short circuits in the turn signal and brake light circuits

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I work in the auto parts business and it sounds like you need a new lock cylinder. The ignition lock cylinder is worn out.

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