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Why would an auto dealer not have the owners manual for a used car?


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2005-01-15 06:51:47
2005-01-15 06:51:47

Most owners manuals are lost, or thrown away by the original owner. Most are never even read. People want things, but never take the time to read about them, or take care of them. Same thing with cars.


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It tells you how in the owners Manual. You can obtain one from the Dealer.

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got to a auto parts store check manual check your cars owners manual contact car maker via a dealer

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You can get an owners manual at the dealer, salvage yard, ebay, and many other sites on-line. Search Google with the term, "Automobile Owners Manual". You can also purchase a Haynes or Chilton's repair manual at most auto parts stores, if you need detailed repair information. You may also be able to download an owners manual at Ford's web site.

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i have found the answer in the owners manual on some galants and others the dealer had to do it hooked up to a computer.

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