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Overheating (Engines)

Why would an engine overheat while driving but stay at same temp while idle?


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2005-07-03 00:23:24
2005-07-03 00:23:24

A faulty thermostat. leaking head gasket lower radiator hose soft collapses when motor is reved up


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Lots of reasons, but mine was the fuel pump was bad. It would overheat after driving maybe 15 minutes, then I would let the car stop for an hour or two and it would start back up.

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Either the vent cap is no longer venting, or the reservoir is overserviced. Just a thought.

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IF it is Turbo charged then that would be the turbo.

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It could be a bad fan clutch. If the fan clutch goes bad it could cause it to overheat while idling, but it would cool off when driving due to the wind going over the radiator.

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