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i have a 2000 Ford Expedition, min did the same thing....twice. first time had a bad O2 sensor replaced that ran fine. second time was plugs Would help to know make and model of vehicle. But the most likely cause is an engine miss due to a bad plug wire or plug or a dead cylinder [no compression]. Other causes could be a vacuum leak or the fuel/air mixture may be way off. The engine is still missing at higher speeds you just don't notice it as the higher engine speed simply covers it up. This is why engine misses are usually diagnosed only at idle or under load while the vehicle is stationary. bestalucktoyou Check passenger side motor mount. A bad one will make the car vibrate at idle. The car very much may be out of time. At higher engine speeds you will not notice it. If you recently had the timing belt done or your timing belt jumped, would cause this. But first try a tune up.

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Q: Why would an engine shake while idling like it is out of time but smooth out once you start driving?
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Can spark plugs cause car to shake?

Yes, when idling and driving.

Why would your car shake when you are idling and have the AC on but not when you are driving?

spark plug gap Can also be a vacuum leak.

Why does Engine shake when idling check engine light flashes?

The engine is not hitting on all cylinders or the distributor (electronic or manual) needs adjustment.

What would cause your car to shake when idling reversing and driving?

Sounds like a misfire caused by electric supply to plugs.

Why would a car vibrate or shake sometimes while idling and whle driving 65-70mph?

Loose motor mounts.

Why does your engine shake while driving?

Maybe its your motor mounts.

What causes the engine to shake when idling or stopped?

A miss or A collapsed engine mount or A imbalance caused by a failing component, harmonic balancers and torque converters are common.

Why does a 2004 s60r Volvo randomly shake when driving?

Maybe engine misfire.

Can bad muffler cause car to shake when idling?

A clogged muffler can.

What would cause an engine to shake at idle and while driving?

It might be a broken motor mount or transmission mount.

Why does 99 Lexus GS300 motor shake while idling and eventually turns off?

The "check engine" light should be illuminated. Start with investigating the code(s). They may lead you to the cause.

Why does my Toyota echo engine shake?

Because even when its just idling, there are 100 small explosions every second inside of it with a powerful heavy metal crankshaft rotating 1500 times per minute. You could have a bad engine mount.

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