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He probably still want me but I don't like him.

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Q: Why would an ex-boyfriend never stop staring at you since the break-up which was over 9 months ago even though you two don't speak to each other and he has a girlfriend?
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How soon will he be ready to date after a breakup?

If it was a hard breakup, I will give him three months. An easy breakup a week.

What does that mean if a guy who has a girlfriend looks at you a few times during a class almost everyday for a few months until now when you've stared at him in that class for two days few months ago?

it means the guy should only be focused on his first girlfriend and not staring at another girl.

Why does an ex of a year with an on and off girlfriend for 6 months who you haven't talked to since the breakup start saying hi when you pass by or say loudly to the person with him that you're his ex?

He obviously trying to get to you. Whatever his real motives are, he sounds like a jerk.

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* He either wants his freedom or he has problems with commitment. You may have had conversations where you want a commitment such as living together or marriage and he does not want to be tied down. This is why after 10 months he does not accept the younger girl as his girlfriend. He wants to leave both doors open so he can come and go between you and this girl. If you are smart you will kick this guy to the curb and move on. Don't waste your life wondering if he's coming back. If you are meant to be together then you will be.

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