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The heater core is cracked. You may also be smelling a sweet sort of smell when you turn on the heat and the car is running hot. That sweet smell comes from the anitfreeze when it burns.

I have a 1998 Ford Expedition and I smell antifreeze inside the truck. also antifreeze leaking around the passenger side of motor outside..... I can see a mist coming out of the ac vents.... could it be bad heater core and is it easy to fix or do you have step by step removal/installation instructions? please help

Your heater core is probably cracked. There is alot of work to get to the core. You have to remove the front dash board.

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Q: Why would antifreeze leak out of the heat ducts?
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Why does Antifreeze leak when i run heat in my 2003 intrepid?

You probably have a leak in the heater core.

What will happen if you drive car with a antifreeze leak?

The car will over heat.

On a 2004 grand prix what would cause the heater to blow cold air?

heat core. leak. thermostat. no antifreeze.

What will cause a 2000 dodge stratus motor to smell like antifreeze when you have drove it a few miles?

An antifreeze leak.An antifreeze leak.

If there is an antifreeze leak would it stop leaking antifreeze and then leak water?

No. they're dissolved in each other and are quite hard to seperate.

What is the cause of smelling antifreeze with the heat on and how do you fix it?

Coolant leak, possible heater core. Suggest to have it pressure tested to find leak.

How fast would antifreeze leak from the intake manifold?

The leak would vary on the size of the hole or seal failure.

Would antifreeze leak out if the thermostat housing wasn't tight?

If not tight enough to seal it will leak.

Why would antifreeze leak from the radiator?

There may be a hole in the radiator?

Why would a kx85 leak antifreeze?

maybe your head gasket

Why do you smell antifreeze through your heat?

Your heater uses somthing akin to a mini radiator to transfer heat from your engine to the cars interior. However, if you're smelling antifreeze, you have some type of leak.

What causes antifreeze to all leak out?

A leak.

Why would antifreeze leak in your car on the driver side?

cap is off

Why would antifreeze leak into car on driver's side?

You would have a leak, from either the pipes to the heater matrix (radiator), or the matrix itself.

How do you fix Lincoln ls hidden antifreeze leak?

I had a 2000 Lincoln LS and the Antifreeze Reservoir had a rash of heat induced cracks on the side facing the Firewall. The antifreeze would ooze and evaporate without leaving a puddle but a whiff of the smell could be noticed on some occasions. My 2005 LS has some of the same cracks but has not started to leak or ooze antifreeze. Also on my 2005 LS there was an upper hose leak but only with 16 psi or more of pressure.

Why would antifreeze leak on a 1996 mercey mystique?

more info. 65;

Why would oil leak into antifreeze?

most likely a blown head gasket.

Where else would antifreeze leak if not water pump or hoses?

heater coil

Why would antifreeze leak from under a passenger door?

hater core is bad

How do you repair an antifreeze leak in 2002 s10 4.3?

It would depend on where the leak is coming from. Give us more info.

What does it mean when antifreeze is leaking under a truck?

you got an antifreeze leak

Why the does the antifreeze reservoir keep losing antifreeze?

Sounds like a leak.

What would cause engine oil to leak into antifreeze?

cracked head or bad gasket

Y would most your antifreeze leak at once?

Broken hose? Leak at radiator? Leak at water pump? Defective thermostat? Pressure test system to try to determine source of leak

What would be wrong with a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan it isn't holding antifreeze so it doesn't have any heat can anyone quote you on what it will cost?

You have a leak, without knowing what is leaking you can not get a quote.