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For diesels, black smoke is normal. For gasoline engines, black smoke indicates that the engine is getting too much fuel. Check air filter, oxygen sensor, possibility of a stuck injector, throttle position sensor. A lot of that stuff can be checked by reading the computer codes.

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Q: Why would black smoke come out of the tailpipe of a 1992 Honda Civic Dx when accelerating?
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Wiring for power side mirror on Honda civic?

The power mirror, on your Honda Civic, has three wires. There is a red hot wire, a black ground wire, and a white auxiliary wire.

What cause a 1984 Mercedes Benz to burn very rich lots of black smoke out of the tailpipe and hesitate when press accelerating?

burning lots of fuel to get it going, its an old car.

How many different colour floor mats are available for Honda Civic Sedan?

According to the Honda Floor Mats website, there are four different floor color mats available for the Honda Civic Sedan. The colors that are available are grey, black, brown and beige.

Where is the wiper relay on Honda Civic?

it should be under the hood up on the fender in that black fuse box

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1998 Honda Civic LX?

its on the firewall...its all black with two bolts with lines on it

Where is the main relay in a 1988 Honda civic?

open the hood. it's on the fusebox (black box near the battery)

Where is the ignition switch for a 1991 Honda civic 4 door?

It is under the driver side Dash its a black main relay!!!

What song is playing in the Honda civic save the earth commercial?

Black Betty by Spider bait Not even close, sorry.

Black smoke from tailpipe on 2001 Honda Accord?

Black smoke from the exhaust is a sign of an overly rich fuel/air mixture. This can ruin your catalytic converter, plus it hurts your mileage, so get this repaired asap.

Where is the vapor canister on a Honda?

On the passenger side firewall....its a small black cylinder with three spots for hoses on top and one on the bottom

Where is the coil on a Honda Civic?

In the distributor. Remove cap and it is the large black(in most cases) box with four screws and two wires.

Where is the engine temperature sensor in a 2001 Honda civic ex?

it is the black clip under the hood that connects to the engine here is a pic of it

What wires are the positive and negative for a 1997 Honda Civic door speaker?

For the front door speakers in a 1997 Honda Civic, the left front speaker wire (+) is blue and the left front speaker wire (-) is gray/black. For the right side, the front speaker wire (+) is red/green, and the right front speaker wire (-) is brown/black.

Where is the airbag sensor for Honda civic 2000?

behind the center console behind black panel mounted on floor bracket. remove to black panels from right and left side.

What is the name for the interior color of a black 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid?

The Black Pearl, & Polished Metal exterior has a Beige interior. The Magnetic Pearl exterior has a Blue interior.

What causes black smoke to come out of the tailpipe?

Excess fuel causes black smoke.

Where is the speed sensor on a 97 Honda CIvic?

speed sensor is located on top of transmission,black plastic with one ten mm bolt.

Hot get rid of black smoke from tailpipe?

how can i get black exhaust smoke stuck on my dual exhaust

What would cause black smoke to come out of the tailpipe in a 92 firebird?

black is excess fuel

How write black Honda in Japanese?

Black Honda is "kuroi honda" in Japanese.

Black smoke coming from tailpipe?

carbon result of incomplete combustion.

How can you make black smoke come out of your tailpipe?

Need to know why this is necessary.

What are the rear right and rear left positive and negative speaker wire colors for a 2008 civic?

The red wire and terminal on a 2008 Honda Civic are the positive wires for the battery. The black wires and terminal is the negative battery cable.

Where is the starter located on a 94 honda civic?

The starter on a 94 Honda Civic is located under the engine. The starter is a six inch thick cylinder that is attached to the flywheel. The easiest way to find it is to locate your battery, pinch with your fingers the ground battery cable (black cable). This cable will run to the underside of the engine and is connected to the starter.

Where is the IAT located on a 1999 Honda Civic 5-door Hatchback?

it should be in the intake tube(black tube from your filter) theres like a sensor(IAT)on it