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Why would blinkers on a '91 Chevy Cavalier just stop working?

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July 17, 2015 5:39PM

First check to see if your emergency flashers work, if they work its not your fuses that are bad its your blinker arm on your stearing column. There are sometimes signs that it is going out, such as your cruise control acting up.

Check the fuses if all are good replace the flasher. , EzforJesus

mine did the same thing. the wires on the top of the fuse box were loose, it happens about once a year.......

I have a '91 z24 and my blinkers stop working every once in awhile. All I do is turn my 4-way lights on and shut them back off, but if your 4-ways don't work either then it is a fuse or wiring.

Heat from blinklers melts the plastic around the light electric contact wires and current is prevented to continue flowing. What I did was to separate the contact wires from the plastic and clean up all the contact surfaces. Until now, it's working fine. Hope this help..

Always make sure the bulb socket is nice and clean or you will only get the light to work but no flash.