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in mark 8's they use a controler to make flashers flash. this module has gone bad

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โˆ™ 2007-03-02 20:00:44
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Q: Why would blinkers still not work after you checked all fuses and replaced the blinker lever?
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Why don't the blinkers work on a 95 Bonneville if you have checked the fuses and still cannot find the problem.?

it might be the hazard switch all the blinker circuit runs through it.

How do you fix blinker on a 92 Chevy caprice already replaced flasher back blinkers wont come on front will but none flash and the hazards wont work either?

Assuming you checked all the bulbs and fuses, it sounds like the signal switch is shot.

Why would your wont your turn signal work but your hazerds will and i replaced all the fuses?

Could be the control stick for the blinkers. If the lights work, try replacing the stick or checking out the signal path for that blinker

Why don't the blinkers on a 95 grand prix work when the bulbs and fuses are good?

the blinker relay is probably bad

How do you fix rear blinkers on 88 prelude AWS but the front blinkers work and already replaced fuses?

Make sure the bulbs are good.

Why is your Blinkers Not Working on your 1991 Plymouth Sundance?

All Bulbs were replaced. fuses all checked, relay switch new and flasher, Also when the relay switch is in it gets really hot. Any suggestions

Why won't your vw passat start?

I checked fuses and replaced blown fuses and now it won't start.

What relay controls the blinkers on 98 Ford Ranger?

The blinker relay is under the dash, on the passenger side of the steering column. It is under a black cover with a small number of fuses.

What is wrong with a 1996 Toyota Camry if taillights do not work you have checked all the fuses and replaced the bulbs daytime running lights work blinkers work headlights work brake lights work?

GO AND BUY I NEW light bulb !

You have a 1985 Safari the back brake lights and blinkers don't work Any suggestions on what you should check now?

has anyone checked the fuses and bulbs?

How do you change a blinker?

Check the fuses first.

What made the blinkers go out on my Nissan Pathfiner checked flasher and bulbs what should i check next?

check fuses under dash panel and for short if wired for trailer

Where is the blinker fuse located on a 96 Chevy cavalier The fuses inside the car are fine the blinkers don't come on in the car?

The fuse for the blinker of a 96 Cavalier should be in the fuse box inside of the car. A more likely cause would be the flasher, located under the drivers side of the dash.

97 Grand AM SE Blinker signal lights don't work you replaced fuses and bulbs What else can it be?

your problem could be in the switch its self. unfortunetly they are expensive to replace, i had to actually wire a switch direct to the blinker system.

Why does my drivers headlight not work on your 97 expedition already replaced the bulb and checked the fuses?

You have a broken wire.

Blinkers and hazard lights do not work on your 1996 Honda civic?

If you already checked your bulbs then check your fuses, usually this is the case when all the lights stop working at the same time.

Chevy S-10 2003 rear blinker will not work checked all bulbs and fuses still no go front r blinker blinks like it is on red bull?

Check the ground, without a proper ground it will not light up

Left turn signal in front blinks real fast and the rear bulb has been replaced. Why does the blinker in the rear still not work?

have you replaced the flasher? Did you use the correct bulb, when you replaced it? Check your fuses there may be a problem there as well.

What would cause your blinker to stop working you checked the fuses and flasher?

Next check the turn signal switch inside the steering column. check to see if the bulb is dead

How do you find the problem when you have no brake lights or blinkers on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler?

If you've already checked all of the bulbs and the fuses (to include the maxi-fuses under the hood), it might be your multifunction switch. I had the same problem, and had to take my Jeep to a pro to diagnose it.

What would make the blinkers and flashers stop working when the fuses and relay is good on a 1995 intrepid?

I just had the same problem with my 95 intrepid and it was the sending unit that needed to be replaced.

Blinkers wipers power windows and clockradio not working Is it the fuses?


What would cause blinkers on a 1996 dodge ram to stop working even though the fuses and the hazards work and replaced the flasher fuse to?

I have a 1996 D R and have the same problem. Apparently the flasher switch needs to be replaced.

Why are the brake lights not working when the blinker and regular lights are working on a 98 cadillac el dorado All fuses and bulbs have been replaced?

How about a malfunctioning brake light switch

Replaced new washer pump and it still not working for a wrangler?

If a washer pump was replaced on a Jeep Wrangler and is still not working the fuses should be checked. The washer switch should also be checked as it could also be causing the pump not to work.