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Check for bad ground wire I would suspect a short in the turn signal switch; there is so much power running near the switch in the column.( think cruise,hazards, turn signals, horn,ignition, high beams) The last two weird turn signal problems I had ( Honda passport SUV, Olds cutlass supreme) turned out to be shorts/worn spots in the turn signal switch assembly. Neither were hard to do and fixed the problem. thanks for input. Ive check for bad connections with no luck. When I turn the headlights on and pull the back turn signals out of the socket you can see a very small bit of current trying to light the bulb. Any help out there would be appreciated.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-23 19:54:38
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Q: Why would both your turn signals light up when you put your 2000 gmc in gear and accelerate?
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Your 2000 kia sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

Why would the turn signals - hazard lights stop working on a 2000 Cirrus?

If lights light up but do not flash, then need to change the flasher, if no light at all chk all fuses first.

What would cause my Turn signals and brake lights do not work on a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

have you checked your fuses?

2000 ford windstar problem with abs light on and speedometer and odometer seem to be registering half what the should?

I had the same problem with my ford 2000 windstar. The abs light would stay on and everything did not work from my lights, to my radio, ac, horn, turning signals..etc. I finally found out that it was my alternator and it had very bad coil. Check your alternator and see if that works!

Are there any suggestions for a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu that experiences sputtering or chugging when trying to accelerate over 50 mph especially when going uphill or with the AC running?

First of all, if the check engine light is "ON" then that would be the place to start. If the fuel filter has not been replaced in the last 2 years then I would do that.

Why does 2000 BMW 328I accelerate slowly?

Because it comes with 193bhp from the factory.

What would happen if you connected a 12 volt light to a 2000 watt amp?

You'd blow out the light.

Why does your Hyundai Excel 2000 indicator light and brake light stop working all the sudden?

The 2000 Hyundai Excel indicator light and brake light might stop working all of a sudden because of a burned out bulb. Check all bulbs on the brake lights and turn signals. This problem could also be caused by a blown fuse or a blown flasher fuse.

What would cause a signal light to work sometimes?

I have a 2000 olds alero and the signal light only work sometimes, What would cause that?

Turn signals for 2000 Ford 350?

theyre orange

How would you no if your tps going out on a 2000 Cadillac deville?

The check engine light would illuminate.

Why would your 98 explorer hesitate to accelerate and kill at 2000 RPM after a cold air intake is installed?

There must be a restriction within the intake. Snow? ice? Mark

What would cause no taillights turn signals or running lights on one side of a 2000 Buick?

Yhese are fed from different sorces so I would check the groiunds on the lights.

What does a flasher do in a 2000 Toyota Corolla?

The flasher is a type of switch that regulates the turning on and off of your vehicle's turn signals and hazard signals.

How much force does it take to accelerate a 2000-kg car at 4 ms2?


How much force is needed to accelerate a 2000 kg car at a rate of 6 ms2?


How much force does it take to accelerate a 2000-kg car at 4 miles per second squared?


Why would a 2000 Ford Taurus Sputter and Miss at running speed and not when idling and not when you accelerate?

It may be a EGR valve issue. This valve is normally closed at idle and opens at about 40mph.

2000 Lincoln ls turn signal don't work?

If your 2000 Lincoln has turn signals that don't work, first check to see if the bulbs are working. Then, see if there is fuse that has blown that affects the turn signals.

Why would the ac light stay on in your 2000 cavalier?

Low refrigerant? Bad sensor?

Would the service engine soon light come on if you have a burned out headlight on a 2000 Firebird?

No it will not.

What is the symbol for a transmission problem on a 2000 dodge caravan dashboard?

The only light that could come on would be the check engine light.

How much time would a 60w light bulb to run out of light?

The average lifetime of an incandescent bulb is around 2000 hours.

Why my 2000 Honder Civic's front signal light does not work when I turn on the head light. But if works when I use as signal light?

The bulb has two filaments in it. 1. The parking light filament might be burned out. 2. The ground connection to the bulb might be bad (corroded socket?). This will make that signal light flash oppositely to the other signals when the headlights are on.

What makes a car accelerate without pushing the accelerator and shake and make the engine light come on and it stops when in park or if you press the brakes very hard on a 2001 2000 dodge caravan?

Probably the throttle position sensor.