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Why would brake lights on a 98 Honda civic not come on even if the bulbs and fuse are fine?


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Three words buddy. "Brake light switch". It's located right behind your brake pedal. Try replacing that. check power at the brake switch like the other person said, if there is power there then check for power at the bulb socket. If there is no power at the socket you probably have a cut wire or the relay is open. If there is no power at the socket,you need to do some trouble shooting such as contunity testing for open wires or relays.....get a multimeter and put it on the ohms setting, then attach one side to the switch and the other to the brake light socket. You should get some type of reading, if you get no reading attach the lead to the othe wire on the socket. You should get some reading, if not there is an open on the wire. You might have to mock up a pair of wires from the brake switch to the brake light socket and see if the lights come on


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check fuses, and then check for power to the bulbs check for power in and out of brake switch

Brake light on 1994 Honda civic staying on.

Check bulbs, fuse, bad ground, brake light switch.

The ground circuit for your Honda Civic brake lights can be found on the rear frame rail. The ground circuit will be on the drivers side frame rail.

The rear brake lights on a 1995 Honda Civic can be reach vial the rear hatch. Open the hatch in look for the plastic cover for the rear lights. Remove the cover to reveal the light plugs. Pull and replace the bulbs.

The brake light fuse for a 1995 Honda Civic is found in the cabin fuse box. The fuse is labeled as STOP.

The taillight bulbs can be easily replaced on a Honda Civic. Open the trunk and locate the plastic covers. Remove the plastic cover and pull the bulbs. Replace with new bulbs and install the covers.

The front end lights on a 2004 Honda Civic can be reached through the engine compartment. Safely prop the hood open and locate the bulbs. Replace the old units with new lights.

There are several warning lights on a 2008 Honda Civic. The main lights are for the brake system, air bag system, check engine, tire pressure, oil pressure, and battery power.

Defective or out of adjustment brake light switch. There is a short in your rear light assemblies, try removing all bulbs and have someone help you to step on the brakes and reinsert the bulbs one by one to find out where the short is.

Daytime running lights on a Honda Civic are the same as normal headlights. To fix or replace them, locate the headlight housing in the front of the car. Remove the plastic housing and replace the bulbs.

You need a minimum of 2 brake lights, So if your car has 3 brake lights and one goes out, you are still legal. Some cars do not come equipped with 3 brake lights but others do such as a honda civic with a spoiler light do.

Your problem very well could be the hazard switch. i have a 1994 honda civic too i found whenever i disconnected the hazard switch from the wiring harness my turn signals brake lights and of course hazards do not work. Maybe replace the hazard switch..

The tail lights on a 2006 Honda Civic are mounted to the brackets in the trunk of the car. Open the trunk and remove the mounting bolts. Unplug the bulbs and the housings will then be able to be removed.

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To put brakes pads on a 1994 Honda Civic, you will need Bleed brake fluid.

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If you already checked your bulbs then check your fuses, usually this is the case when all the lights stop working at the same time.

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