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The heater is set on recirculate the air of the cabin. Set it on normal (from outside the car)

You have to move a button on the console to take air from outside the car or else the air will be too moist from all the humidity that accumulates in the cabin.

Also the engine temperature must be hot enough. I usually run my car at least 5 minutes driving it downtown before it is hot, during cold winter days.

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Q: Why would car heater work but the defroster not clear the windows?
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What would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on 2004 dodge ram?

what would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on a 1997 dodge intrepid

Why does the engine surge when you turn on the heater?

The most likely reason would be because you also have the defroster turned on with your heater. The defroster causes the A/C compressor to kick on which helps remove extra moisture in the air keeping your windows from fogging. The A/C compressor is linked to a "kick up" that brings the RPMs up to keep your engine from stalling due to the extra load possibly causing a surge.

Where would your 95 ford explorer leak if the heater core is no good?

On the passengers side floor board or if the heater core just has a small crack then it will fog up the windshield when the defroster is turned on and smell very bad......

What would cause the heater not to work on a Toyota Camry?

Most common things are Thermostat or a bad heater core but could also be something blocking the door down by the heater core. I changed my Thermostat and Heater control Valve to find out a pencil fell in the defroster and prevented the door from closing. Hope this helps.

Why is the Right passenger car floor wet no rain?

You didn't mention what vehicle you have but in most vehicles the heater core is located under the dash on the passenger side. The heater core is known to spring a leak and show up on the passengers floor. Turn on the defroster and see if your nose senses the sweet smell of radiator coolant. The inside of the windshield my fog up when the defroster is turned on, this would also indicate a leaky heater core.

What would be the cause of a film on the windshield when defroster is on after you had a new radiator put in?

Most likely a film on the inside of a windshield is caused by an engine coolant leak within the heater core.

Why stained glass windows over clear glass windows?

Stained Glass Windows are much more of a sight to passers by, when walking past a church would you rather see coloured glass or clear glass? There's your answer.

Why would hot air come out of the defroster and vent work but not the heater on 95 S10 blazer?

What causes heat to only come out of the defrost and vent but not the floor of a 1995 S10 Blazer?

Why does the interior of a car fog up even if ac blower and heater core are working properly?

I have had this happen on a number of my cars as they get older...each and every time it was due to small leaks developing in the heater core, leading to heavily moisturized air being blown through the defroster, rather than the dehumidified air that the A/C would generally create. (Yes, the AC runs when you're in defroster mode, even if you have the heat set to high...this is deliberate because the AC tends to remove moisture from the air.) Check your floor carpets, especially up near the drivetrain hump and front of the passenger footwell. Damp? You have a heater core problem. Solutions: None easy. The heater core on most modern cars and trucks is generally difficult to get to. Since this has happened to me on OLD cars that I would use and not my wife, I would generally bypass the heater completely, running the water intake hose to where the water return hose attaches to the engine. But then you have no heater or defroster at all. Brrrrr.

Why would steam come out of the defroster vent?

That has happened to me twice. Once on a Chevy Van and most recently on a 1995 Ford F-150. Both times it was the heater core that needed to be replaced.

What would cause the heater and AC on a 1997 Windstar to only work through the defroster?

The most likely is the vacuum line used to operate the swinging doors to redirect airflow is broken or not in place.

What would cause the power windows heater fan and wipers to quit working at the same time?

your car stalled?

Why would your heater just quit blowing driving down the road?

The diverter, or blend, door, is not working properly, The door is either feeding the heat through the defroster, or closing the heat completely off.

What would be the problem for rear defogger not working on a expedition?

Check that the wire on the rear defroster is connected to the defroster. If broken off repair it.

Why would an antifreeze smell be coming into the car?

If you smell antifreeze in the passenger compartment of your car your heater core is probably leaking. It's under the dash somewhere ( depends on the make and model ). Another symptom of a leaking heater core is moisture build up on the inside of the windshield when you run your defroster.

What would cause the heater turn signal and the power windows to stop working in a 2003 intrepid Yet the lights works brights work and the hazards work could it just be a bad battery?

I would check the fuses in your 2003 Intrepid. If you had a bad battery, the lights and hazards would be dim. The heater, turn signal and windows may be on the same fuse.

What happened to your 2000 Hyundai elantra to make the power windows AND the heater fan not work?

If both problems showed up at the same time, it may be that both the power windows and the heater fan are on the same circuit. I would check the various fuses to see if one has blown.

What would cause the heater defroster and blower to not work on a 1994 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

if there is a lot of snow or ice on these vents located at the bottom of the wind shield under the wipers that could be the problem if you live in a cold environment.

Why would steam come out of the heater if heater core is good?

no.....the heater would have to be leaking

Why does heater go from hot to cold on 2001 civic also defroster not very good?

The thermostat may be sticking shut which would cause you to loose heat inside or you may just be low and antifreeze. Check your antifreeze level if it is full then get a new themostat and if that don't work your heater core may be going bad.

How can i fix this problem 95 Chevy s10 pickup defroster works but when you turn control knob to heater it stays on defroster only engine is 2.2?

The air flow direction is operated by the vacuum supply from the engine. If the vacuum supply is cut off for whatever reason, the system defaults to the defroster mode. My guess would be to look under the hood for a vacuum hose cracked, damaged or disconnected. Look closely around the firewall on the drivers side. Be sure the hose on the vacuum reservoir ball is not pulled off.

Why would your car be dripping water after running the heater?

Most heater settings on a modern car with Air Conditioning will cause the A/C compressor to kick on. This is to remove moisture from the inside air and prevent frosting of the windshield and windows. The air conditioner coils accumulate the moisture which drips down and through a small tube or hose and out the bottom of the car. That's what you are seeing, if it's clear water.On the other hand, if it's coolant (antifreeze) you have a leaking heater core.

Why would coolant not circulate through my heater core in a 1995 Camaro?

It is very possible that it is stopped up. Remove both heater hoses from the engine. Take a water hose and flush through one hose until it is clear and then do the other. Do this 2 to 3 times to be sure the water runs clear.

What would cause a 2000 Sunfire to shake when the defroster is on?

This was my question- I went to the dealership- there was mud/dirt on the fan. This made the car shake when the heater/air conditioner was turned on. All they did was spray the fan off with a garden hose. It works perfect now!

How would the repair of the heater and air conditioning not blowing be made on a 1994 acura integra?

I own a 1994 acura integra and the heater/air conditioning blower is not working, I can not defrost my windows and the heat does not blow. What is wrong and how can the problem be fixed.