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bad carb setting/jetting or a timing issue . Read the plugs and see if the mixture is good , then check timing per manufacture instructions... if you have a upgraded pipe they always do that. it also could be running rich

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โˆ™ 2009-04-06 01:11:32
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Q: Why would cause a Honda XR100 dirt bike to shoot flames from the muffler when letting off the throttle?
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The muffler from your 2006 Honda 250 will fit on your 2003 Honda 250. The mufflers are in exactly the same.

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On a 1992, I would just put a "universal fit" turbo muffler on it and be done. An Official Honda Muffler is going to cost you hundreds of dollars.

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Are you trying to remove the exhaust manifold,the muffler,or just the line running from the manifold connection to the muffler?

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