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The engine needs to be flushed.the coolant ports have a build up of gunk causing the engine to run hotter. The heated water expands to much causing it to over flow from the reserve tank.

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Q: Why would coolant overflow from the tank?
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Why is there sludge in coolant overflow tank?

Coolant is old.

What is an overflow tank?

An overflow tank is a bottle that holds coolant that expands and leaves the radiator under driving conditions. The Coolant will go back into the radiator as needed.

What color is sludge in a coolant overflow tank?


What does an overflow container do?

An overflow container prevents coolant loss. As coolant heats it expands. Without the tank, excess coolant would be forced from the radiator and be dumped on the ground. As coolant cools it is drawn back into the radiator so it always stays full.

How do you add coolant to your 2001 Kia Spectra?

in the overflow tank

How do you replace the coolant overflow tank?

how do I replace my 2005 fiesta expansion header tank

What does it mean when coolant in overflow tank is low and is leaking antifreeze from that side of the car?

The overflow tank is either cracked or its overheating and leaking from the cap

Why is your antifreeze tank boiling?

The overflow tank for coolant will "boil" if there is air getting in the coolant chamber. This can be a head gasket going bad.

Where is the low coolant sensor on the 1999 Z34?

Its either in the coolant overflow tank or in the side of the radiator

Is there always coolant in the overflow tank?

Yes. There should always be some coolant in the overflow tank. Its level should rise when the engine warms up, and it should go back down when the engine cools.

Should the coolant overflow tank be at the full line when cold on a 2003 highlander?

Full to the level of the lower of the two lines that are molded into the overflow tank.

What would cause the antifreeze to or overflow out of the tank of a 2007 Chevy aveo?

The system was overfilled and purged the excess coolant.

How do you add coolant?

Add it in the overflow tank up to the max line.

Oil in coolant overflow tank?

Usually a blown head gasket.

What is the white container connected to radiator?

coolant overflow/reservoir tank

Where is coolant senor located on a 2002 Kia Spectra?

Near the bottom of the coolant reservoir ( overflow tank)

Where do you add coolant?

coolant overflow tank. probably on top left side of engine towards the front.

How do you reset low coolant alarm 97 Seville?

The "check coolant level" message will come on when the coolant level is low in the overflow tank. If the message stays on after the tank is filled, make sure the sensor on the front bottom is connected. If the connection is O.K., then lightly tap on the side of the overflow tank with a soft rubber mallet. If the message persists after driving the car a couple of days, replace the overflow tank.

Where do you add coolant to your c240?

You add coolant to a C240 at the radiator overflow tank. This allows the radiator to suck in coolant as needed when hot.

Where do you put the coolant in the Oldsmobile cutlass supreme 1991?

You have to put it in the overflow tank.

Does a 97 Oldsmobile aurora have the same coolant overflow tank as a 96?


Coolant fluid bubbling in overflow tank?

thermostat or blown head gasket....

What is the purpose of the overflow tank?

The coolant expands when heated, contracts when cool. The coolant reservoir gives the coolant a place to come and go as needed.

Where does the hose on the radiator cap go on a 1970 GTO?

to the coolant recovery tank if so equipped - if no coolant recovery tank then not connected to anything - just an overflow

Where is the coolant tank in a car?

It will vary depending on the car. Coolant is in the radiator and the overflow tank is usually on one of the inside fenders. Usually on the opposite side from the battery.