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It's not the outlets themselves which are the problem, it's what might be plugged in to them. The more outlets, the more loads that can be added to the circuit. Having lots of outlets simply increases the opportunity to add loads, and ultimately, to overload the circuit. Overloads, as you may know, can result ultimately in fires with attendant loss of property or even lives. Of course, if only small loads are plugged in to the outlets, and/or if many of the outlets are unused, then there would be no problem -- except possibly for one: you need to make sure your installation is "up to code"; that is, it complies with the laws and regulations that apply to your electrical wiring. In the USA, a good place to start if you have questions about code requirements is This site gives you free access to the 2008 National Electrical Code.

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What could cause the electrical outlets to be inoperative?

a short in the circuit

What would cause three outlets to be low voltage and all the others in the room to be fine?

its an overload on the circuit breaker the 3 outlets are on.. many times groups of outlets are on different circuit breakers.. even though they are in the same room... especially if some are on a gfi outlet

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Rusting copper is blue-green. This can cause a closed circuit ( no power ) if left unabated. Don't work on outlets without disconnecting the power supply first. You can remove them ( remember where the wires go ) and clean them or purchase new ones from a hardware store.

Why does your inside 4 outlet circuit randomly go off under no load only to come on again at random without tripping the breaker while outside lights on the same circuit stay on?

When your house was wired the outlets were probably wired using the stab in terminals on the back of the outlets, these tend to cause trouble over time.Turn off the power and rewire the outlets using the binding screw terminals.By chance if the outlets are wired on the binding screws, inspect all for loose joints.You may have to inspect every box and outlet on this circuit to find the problem. I once had a customer who was having a similar problem and it only showed up while playing the stereo very loud.We determined that the vibration was causing the stab in terminals to loose contact,we removed every outlet and switch and reconnected all by using the binding screws and the problem went away.Hope this helps.

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