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Leak in heater core. Replace core.

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Q: Why would hot steam blow from the heater vents?
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What causes steam to blow through the air conditioning and heating vents in a car?

The steam could be coolant from a bad heater core.

Why would a 1987 300zx blow sweet smelling steam through the vents and dash?

Sounds like your heater core has a leak and the sweet smell is your coolant.

What causes a 2001 Grand Cherokee to blow fog-like fumes that have a trace of an antifreeze smell from the vents when the AC is turned on?

The heater coil probably has a leak causing steam and vaporized antifreeze to be released into the vents. Is it using coolant?

What would cause air to only blow from the defrost and floor vents and not blow out of the panel vents even when the switches are turned to the panel vents in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Any of the following can cause this......... 1. Bad a/c - heater controller.. 2. Bad a/c - heater controller inside door operation.. 3. Bad, broken or cracked vacuum line/lines..

Heater on but not blowing warm air?

heater on at idle and will not blow warm air. when moving it blows the warm air from the vents. what will cause this

Why does the heater for my 2003 Honda Pilot not blow hot air out of any vents in the front but the rear vents blow hot air?

Your front blower motor has gone out. There is a front and a rear blower motor.

Why does your F250 diesel 6.0 when idling blow cold air through the heater vents?

most likely it's a bad thermostat, or your vents not working properly.

Why would the air only blow out of the dash vents but not my floor or defrost vents in my 2005 Chevy cavalier?

Check the following.......... 1. Vacuum leak, broken vacuum line or disconnected vacuum line. 2. A/C - heater inside car door operation.. 3. A/C - heater controller..

Why does heater defrost vent not open on a 1989 Sunbird and cold air blow from dash vents but no air blows from heater defrost vents and where are the enter and exit hoses for the heater coil?

I don't know why the vent would not open for the defrost, but it may be related to the fact that your heater core is blown. If your getting nothing but cold air out of the vents when the heat is on, your core is finished and if the core is finished then it is likely related to your vent not opening/switching. Something''s wrong with your heating either way.

What causes the air conditioning on a GMC Safari to blow out the heater vents?

You have a broken vacuum hose under the hood that supplies the switch.

Why would the ac and heater blow air through the defroster or the dashboard vents but not through the floor vents.?

It should blow through the floor vents. Modern vehicles generally use movable baffles in there HVAC systems, to direct air flow where the controls indicate. If the controls allow airflow to the floor, but nothing flows out, there is a malfunction between the control switch and the actuator that directs the flow.

Why does my 1987 jeep wrangler not blow hot air out of the vents?

Vent bypasses heater core when open,it is for outside air only...I know this because I just replaced heater core.

What would cause the service engine light to come on the heater to not work puffs of smoke to come out of the heater vents and the anti-freeze to blow on a 2004 Mazda 3?


On a 1995 Gmc sierra truck why does the air conditioning vents on dash work in every mode except cold air cold air will only blow out from floor vents?

The a/c - heater controller is out...........

Does low coolant level in radiator affect the heat output in winter?

Yes. The heater core provides the heat which blows out your vents. The heater core has engine coolant flowing through it (it is like a mini radiator) which creates the heat which warms the air that comes out your vents. If you have low coolant, there may be no coolant circulating through heater core, thus causing cold air to blow out vents.

Why would air only blow out the floor vents and the two outside dash vents not out the center dash vents?

The flap that directs sir to the selected vents is jammed or broken...or the switch that controls it is.

My Heater in s10 wont blow the heat out through my vents what could be the problem?

somtimes a mouse moves into the blower motor and makes a nest ?

The a-c on our 1998 dodge ram van sometimes blows through the dash vents and sometimes through the heater vents that blow on your feet What is the problem?

Sounds like you have the beginnings of an a/c vacuum leak. Our Expedition did the same thing and eventually it defaulted to blowing out of only the heater vents, which is the default when things aren't routing properly.

What would cause Water to blow into the car from the defrost vents?

If we are talking rain water not engine coolant I would suspect the drains under the cowl are plugged up with debris (leaves and such). If it is engine coolant then I would suspect the heater core is leaking.

Why does your 2003 Honda Accord heater blow cold air through the defroster vents and warm air through the dash vents?

This means that you have either an issue with a vacuum line or one of the a/c - heater doors behind the dash is not working correctly and you need to start off at the a/c - heater controller to check that all positions are working...........

Why does your air conditioning and heater only blow out the bottom vents on your 1997 trans am?

Bad selector? vacuum leak at engine or vacuum motors under dash

Why would a 2004 jeep grand cherokee only blow air out of defroster not the vents?

Either you need to pen your vents or there is some vent obstruction.

Why would a back heater blow cold air and front heater blow hot air in a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban?

The front expansion valve is clogged.

Why would you smell antifreeze and heater blow cold air?

heater core possibly plugged and leaking

Why does your heater only blow hot air out the defroster and not out the vents in the dash 1987 Suzuki Samurai?

That is actually how the vehicle was designed. If you look at the selector knob for the vents you'll notice that the arrows pointing down and for the windshield are white and the vents for the dash are blue. Basically, you can defrost and warm your feet and that's it