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Well it being the morning after sex, you would not have to worry about implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding usually occurs anywhere from 3-6 days after intercourse. You cannot accurately test for pregnancy until about two weeks after intercourse. It is probably just a result of rough intercourse that can cause the bleeding.

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That is hard to tell. Women have different period lengths - ranging from about 2 days - 14 days. So some people would consider 5 days to be short, and some would consider it to be long.

about 10 days after ovulation, which would be a couple days before you would get your period.

It is less likely than later in the cycle, but you sure can get pregnant two days after your period.

It means that if your period is supposed to start on Saturday, 6 days before your missed period would be the Tuesday before.

No that would be highly unlikely as your fertile period does not start until 9 days after the start of your period. even if your period is 6 days long that still allows for 3 days unti fertility.

You have your period a fixed 14 days after you ovulate. So if a woman has her period every 21 days, she ovulates on 21-14=7...the 7th day after the 1st day of her period.

Birth control pills make your period lighter. Average period lasts 5-6 days. Woman with birth control would have a period lasting for 3-4 days.

It is not likely that a woman would get pregnant 3-5 days prior to her menstrual period.

after 10 days of your period after 10 days of your period

the most reasonable answer for that would be one day after you have started your period.

Sex doesn't delay your period unless you get pregnant.

3 to 8 days but i really depends on the woman or child

Well, it depends on how old you are. If it is your first year having your period it can be uneven and so that would be ok, but if you know that you are on a schedule for your period then yes, 36 days would be considered late.

If you were pregnant you would completely miss your period. see your GP

i got my period after 1 week iz there any medicine for this

She can conceive 5 days after her period, yes - in theory this would be one of the most fertile days of her cycle. During the typical 28 day cycle a woman would ovulate around day 14 and be fertile from day 7, thus 5 days after her period she may conceive and in turn fall pregnant.

Your period stops for a couple days and then continues so i would be ready at any moment. That is normal for it to stop

Yes, usually you ovulate 14 days into your cycle (based on an average 28 day cycle). the first day of your period is cycle day 1 (CD1) so if your period lasts 5 days you would ovulate 9 days after your period ended on CD14. However all women have differing cycles and their cycle can last from 26-45 days. So although you would be pregnant the hormones would not be strong enough to be detected on an HPT

Yes. It lives for as many days as it normally would, which is about 4-5 days. And women usually ovulate a couple days after their period. Answer: The statement above is incorrect. Women ovulate near the middle of their cycle -- somewhere around 14 days after their period. Sperm can and do live for days, even during a menstrual period, but the chance of pregnancy is remote.

Even if your period came three days late if you got it, your probably not pregnant. I've heard of one person getting their period in the early days of pregnancy but it's highly doubtful you would get it if you were pregnant.

I would take a pregnancy test, as spotting is very common in early pregnancy- especially at the time when you would have gotten your period. I've been spotting for five days since I should have gotten my period and I tested positive three days ago.

Cats normally have a gestation period of 66 days.Cats normally have a gestation period of 66 days.Cats normally have a gestation period of 66 days.Cats normally have a gestation period of 66 days.Cats normally have a gestation period of 66 days.Cats normally have a gestation period of 66 days.

it isnot uncommon for a woman to have her period for up to 3 months after being pregnant.

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