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It would not be correct to say that at all. The Southern states were fighting to try to preserve the relationship between the several states and between the states and the central government that they thought had always existed. They were trying to avoid having to accept what they feared were significant changes to those relationships. Thus they were not conducting a revolution at all. they were conducting a rebellion for conservatism. Also, the "sore point" being slavery was still very Constitutional. The American Revolution was a war to be independent of a semi-monarchy, not the case with the US Civil War.


It would be correct to say for a few reasons actually. They broke away from their nation, similar to the way the colonies did. That one fact is what makes the two relatively close. The Confederates created their own government, constitution, and army. Like the British, the North saw it as just a rebellion. The South also seceded from the Union for similar reasons. They felt they did not have the right to govern themselves. They also felt they had no voice in the national government when Lincoln was elected. In fact, one could say they actually did have their right and voice in both occasions, but they still felt that way. Had the Civil War been successful, the connection between the two would probably feel stronger.

But, with that said, the American colonies were "owned by Great Britain, just as they owned Canada. The 11 Confederate states were members of a government they helped create. This makes the American Revolution very unique compared to the US Civil War.

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When did the second American revolution war start?

Some historians consider the American Civil War the Second American Revolution. These are generally non-American scholars. NEW RESPONDENT The War of 1812 against Great Britain, also called the Second American Revolution, was declared by the United states on June 18, 1812.

How was the war of 1812 a second american revolution?

it wasnt

What was the second battle of the American Revolution?

The battle at Concord Bridge.

Did second continental congress had the task of carrying out the American revolution?


Did the second continental congress have the task of carrying out the American Revolution?


Who was George Washington's second in command in the American Revolution?

Nathaniel Greene

What are the release dates for The American Parade - 1974 The Second Revolution 1-11?

The American Parade - 1974 The Second Revolution 1-11 was released on: USA: 12 September 1976

The was also known as the Congress during the American Revolution?

second continental congress

What Was also known as the Congress during the American Revolution 17751783?

the second co

Where was the second American Revolution?

There has never been a second American Revolution. Some may count the war of 1812 as a revolution but it was an invasion by the British. __ You will find a lot of modern references to the Second American Revolution. Usually, the person writing the article is unhappy with the government and the path the US is taking and are calling for a new revolution (some peaceful, some not) to change the nature of government. Please note: The War of 1812 was not started by a British invasion. There were may tensions leading to it, but it was not sparked by an invasion.

What effect did the Battle of Saratoga have on the Revolution?

The American victory in the second Battle of Saratoga convinced the French to get involved and to support the Americans, which greatly helped the cause of the American Revolution. The American War of Independence was fought from 1775 to 1783.

Who did the American navy have help from during the revolution?

The American navy was almost no navy at all. However, the French navy was a respectable force second only to the British navy. The French navy helped the American Revolution immensely.

What did John Adams do during in the revolution?

Answer: John Adams was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He also represented Massachusetts in the first and second Continental Congresses.

How do you explain why did the American Revolution happen?

the American revolution happened for mainly two resoans the first is that American colonist rights were being infrenged on and the second is that the brtish were taxing the American colonies without their consint wich is were no taxastion without representaiton comes from

What did King George the second have to do with the American Revolution?

Nothing, King George III was the British Monarch.

What document was drafted by the second continental congress debating what steps to take against Britain during the American Revolution?

The Second Continental Congress managed the war effort during the American Revolution. They drafted The Declaration of Independence to declare the colonies as an independent nation.

Who fought against each other in the Russian revolution?

The Russian Revolution is made of two separate rebellions. The first was between the Czar and the people. The second was between the Provisional democratic Government and the Bolsheviks, who represented the people.

What unit is represented by watt-second?


1 Nature and technology merges 2 Nature and technology merge. Which is right 1 or 2?

The second is correct. The second is correct. The second is correct. The second is correct.

Where was the American capital during the American revolution war?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city hosted the Second Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War.

Where Did the second Industrial Revolution take place?

the first industrial revolution took place in englan and the second industrial revolution in germay the second industrial revolution is also called the technology revolution.

What was Samuel Adams known for?

Patriot leader during the American Revolution and second President of the United States

Which economic policy was used to help American industry during the Second Industrial Revolution?

laize fair

How did the American Revolution influence the second amendment?

Most rural citizens had firearms available but urban areas lacked weapons when the American Revolution began and it seemed essential to provide a Constitutional right to have and bear arms.

Describe the three Estates of the French society before the revolution?

The First Estate was the Catholic Clergy, the Second Estate represented the nobles and everyone else was in the Third Estate.