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Sounds like a bad brake booster. If you are getting an extended braking distance, you may also want to check for a rear wheel cylinder leak.

AnswerYou also might want to check to see if the engine vacuum is low. If the vehicle is newer than '90 or so, it probably has a sensor that determines if the rear wheels are braking. If hydraulic pressure is uneven between front and rear you will usually see a brake indicator light come on. I agree that the vacuum assist may be the culprit, but also make certain that you are getting enough vacuum to the brakes. Low vacuum can be caused by a number of problems, so it may take a little checking. I would recommend a vacuum gauge. They are quite inexpensive and can be picked up at most auto parts stores.

Also check to see if you have a vac. leak at the booster canister where the vac. line plugs into it, if the master cylinder is leaking brake fluid through the rear seal of the spool valve it can enter the power brake booster and destroy the diaphragm seal causing the power brake booster to fail....thus hard as heck brake pedal(meaning you have no vacuumn assist) it's easy to check for a brake fluid leak....just pull the master cylinder mounting bolts off the power brake booster(either 2 or 4 bolts or nuts) and look at the rear side of the master cylinder seal to see if brake fluid is prevalent, also with a light look inside the power brake booster for tell tale signs of brake fluid leakage.

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Q: Why would it be hard to press on the brakes?
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if it is hard to press on the brakes it usually indicates that you have a malfunctioning brake booster. Since brake boosters are vacuum assisted, it could also be that you have a disconnected vacuum hose or a leaking hose.

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