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It is important for tenants of an apartment complex to have insurance on there personal property. Theft fire, and flood are among the biggest reasons to have such a policy.

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Q: Why would it be important for tenants of an apartment complex to have insurance on the contents of their apartment?
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Do I really need contents insurance for my apartment?

If you rent an apartment, you might believe your belongings are protected by insurance. After all, the landlord has to have insurance on the apartment building, right? However, this insurance does not protect you at all. Usually, this type of insurance covers the structure of the complex, as well as a few other areas. It might even cover the structure of your apartment. It will not protect your belongings, though. Apartment contents insurance is what you need.

Does an apartment complex have the right to make the tenants get apartment insurance?

They do have the right to make you get insurance.

Can rental insurance be changed if you move to a different apartment/ complex?

It's best to check with the insurance provider but you should be able to transfer it with no issues as the insurance is for yourself/your belongings, not the apartment building itself.

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Will an apartment complex do a credit check if I'm a new tenant?

It differs from apartment complex to apartment complex. But apartment complexes should do a credit check to make sure that they will be getting their money from their tenants.

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