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I had the same thing happen on a 2000 Stratus and it ended up being a bad heater blower control switch. I replaced the unit and everything worked great.

Answeri belive this would be a bad blower motor resistor check that because you car has two resistors for the heater one which controls low med and med hi and the other control only high for safety reasons basically so if you need to defrost your not left with out heat
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Q: Why would it only get heat on the high switch for your car heater when it used to get it on all 4?
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Why will the heater in a 1996 Grand Am with 4 pos heater switch not work on HIGH but it works in all 3 other positions?

Your heater switch may not need to be replaced. The heater high position is controlled by a fuse under the hood. Until you find the fuse and replace it, your new switch will not work. JRR.

Why are radiators placed near the floor and not the ceiling?

They are placed on the floor because heat rises. If the heater was up high, the ceiling would be nice and warm, while the walls and floor would be cold.They are placed on the floor because heat rises. If the heater was up high, the ceiling would be nice and warm, while the walls and floor would be cold.

Why is your fan heater control switch is permanently on full even though the switch is on off?

It could be the high speed heater motor relay is stuck on or the switch itself is broken.

Heater fan switch stuck on high?

The blower motor resistor is bad and goes to high fan.

Why isn't the heater working with the heat control on high on a 1995 camaro?

Quite possibly the heater core is bad

How do you change to lamp bulb on seat heater switch on a Honda odyssey 2005?

light out on the seat heater switch on passenger side. High low indicator is ok. How do you replace bulb?

Is there relay switch for heater fan?

Yes there is, but it only operates the high speed function.

Why does your Heater fan only blow on high speed?

Switch problem? Cables disconnected?

Would the thermostat or a limit switch cause a Teledyne Larrs series 1 EPG 250 heater not to stop heating after the pilot assembly and pressure valve have been replaced?

Do you mean that the heater will not shut down either by turning the thermostat down or turning the switch off. If turning the pump off will not shut down the heater it could possibly be one of the high limits or the gas valve has failed in the open position. If the heater will not fire when calling for heat then one or more components has failed. k

What heater comes with the longest warranty?

Caframo Compact Heat® High Performance Heater has a five year warranty.

How does heater makes the whole room warm?

The heater contains a resistor. When high voltage is passed it produce a large amount of heat the blower situated in the heater blows this heat which diffuses in the room to make the room hot.

2002 Astro heater doesn't work on high speed?

you might need a new switch.

2001 echo heater fan only has high speed is it the motor or switch?

It is the resistor, replace it.

1996 Nissan altima heater ac switch will only work on the high 4 won't work on 1 2 3 changed switch still the same thanks for answering?

Heater Blower Resistor

Why is Heater fan on 1995 ford van only working on high?

My 1994 did the same thing.....the problem was in the high/low switch....

In your 90 silverado 350 it only blows cool-warm air on high heat maybe the thermostat electronic switch ist opening a valve or a duct door need help thanks?

If your engine warms up, but you don't get heat from your heater, check your coolant level, if it's low, this would be one explanation

Heater fan switch won't move on 91 previa why?

Early Previas, prior to 1994, were notorious for overheating the heater switch and melting the plastic casing. Once melted, the plastic would interfere with the switch lever movement and would glue itself in the last positon set. Forcing the switch, may restore some of the blower speed positions, but usually just open circuits and must be replaced for a very high cost of labor.

Why does heater fan work only on high on your 2001 Chevy cavalier?

try replaceing the switch that controls the low to high for heater It's gonna be the blower motor resistor (near the blower motor).

Why would a car heater only blow warm air when on high heat setting?

Could be, low on coolant, stuck open thermostat, plugged up heater core, faulty temp blend door actuator,

What is the working principle of electric heater?

Electrical energy converted into heat by high electrical resistance

What would cause the AC or heater on a 1996 GMC Jimmy to not go on high?

fan speed control switch is bad. Replace it as long as the other speeds work fine.

2000 dodge ram van heater motor does not run on high?

check the blower switch, they are known to go bad, if there is any signs of heat damage replace it, volt ohm meter works good to test them

2003 jeep wrangler heater fan switch works on high only?

Replace the blower motor resistor.

Why does your heat in your car only blow on high?

Because the resistor between the heater swithch and the heater motor is not functioning. Usually mounted on, in or near the heater enclosure. Its a common repair, and can be done by the do-it-yourselfer.

Why does your front heater ac blower only work sometimes and the rear works fine on a 1992 ford e 150?

The front and rear blowers are controlled by two different switches or circuits. An intermittent problem with a front a/c heater blower is typically in the directional flow switch, Try this: turn the key to on (the vehicle does not have to be running) 2. move your selector switch to any position such as defrost, front vents, lower vents etc. 3. Then move your fan speed switch. 4. If the fan fails in any of the selector switch modes, then the selector switch is bad. If the fan fails when moving the fan speed switch from low to medium to high then it is the fan speed switch, however there is one catch, and that would be if only the high speed fan position does not work, then it is probably the high blow relay, but could be both the high blow relay and the fan speed switch. The high blow or max air position pushes the highest amperage through the switches causing heat, which can over time cause a solder connection or circuit board to heat up and loose its connection. To change the speed and selector switches you will need to remove the cover plate on the a/c,heater controls on the dash. Then there should be 4 screws and the unit holding the switches can be pulled out and each switch can be tested with a jumper or replace the switch.