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your transmission may need to be replaced or fixed. WHAT A BONEHEAD ANSWER come on people we need more info to make a hypothisis of what you want to it an automatic?is it a standard?maybe it just needs fluid this is why im not answering many questions.GIVE US INFO!!!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2008-08-09 13:44:46
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Q: Why would it slip out of gear when you are not pressing the gas?
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What happens if you shift to drive from lower gear while pressing gas will anything happen to da transmission?

the transmission will shift to higher gear

How do you know your transmission is slipping?

i could tell when i press on the gas and it just whines up then as you let of the gas slightly the car will then slip into the next gear.

What would cause a transmisssion to slip out of gear at a stop light then when you go to take off it acts like its in neutral but when you push on the gas it eventually goes back into gear?

Check the fluid level. If it is full you have a more serious problem.

Will not shift out of first gear?

If stick shift try pressing in the klutch all the way and pull it in to second and let off the gas.

What would keep a 1963 Olds Super 88 394ci 3-Speed Hydramatic from staying engaged in third gear when pressing on gas?

The downshift cable is probably out of adjustment, GoodluckJoe

Why does your transmission slips out of second gear sometimes and when you let off the gas it kicks back in gear?

I have a 1999 1500 dodge ram 5.2 engine. As i am driving and pressing the gas . i have to let off the gas so the gears will shift. when coming to a hill, it will barely even pull.

What would make a Honda accord stutter when pressing the gas?

May be you have a misfire?

Why would a 1987 Jeep Cherokee with a manual transmission shift into gear but only move in third gear?

MY FIRST guess would be that the pressure plate and the clutch itself may be cooked. If when you have it in 3rd geart and it moves, but if you give it a lot of gas and it seems to "slip", not having enough power, then I would say that your pressure plate is fried. GOOD LUCK! >>

Your transmission runs fine when it is cold but after you drive for a bit you can not get it to shift from 1 to 2 and when you step on the gas the transmission will slip out of gear?

Sounds like your torque converter needs replacing

Why do your headlights dim when idle or coasting then brighten with gas 1998 Subaru legacy l?

The voltage is lacking when you are not pressing on the gas... while pressing on the gas.. you are giving the headlights more electricity...

What would cause a car to putter when pressing down on the accelartor?

you may have water in you gas and your injectors may be clogged.

Why would my car go into gear but wont drive unless you give it gas?

safety reasons

What make a car whine when pressing gas?


Why does a 2000 dts stall but start in neutral?

The vehicle would stall when put in gear would be the fuel pump. The fuel pump is very weak which would explain why in neutral the vehicle starts if it gear it would have to have more gas.

How bad would the gas be if you put a 350 in your1991 Toyota pickup?

If you're asking about the gas mileage that would depend on the engine. Would it be stock or are you looking to add performance enhancements? A stock engine should get around 18 to 20 mpg with a 3.55 gear or around 15 with a 4.10 gear.

What does the green S light on Landrover discovery dashboard mean?

don't worry it means that you are in 'Sport' mode you can change it by pressing on mode button no the gear-pad PS: sport mode Burns a lot of gas.

What causes a car to accelerate?

A person pressing the gas pedal.

Car dies when not pressing gas pedal?

what kind of car is it

What speed would get me the best gas mileage in my car?

From my experience you get the best gas mileage when you are in the highest gear and your rpm is low, around 1500 to 2000 rpm.

What would make a stick shift car hum when pushing gas pedal?

It's not in the right gear. It means your going too fast for what gear it is set in. If it hums, put it into a higher gear e.g. if it hums when in 3rd gear, put it in 4th and the humming will stop.

What would happen if you farted in a spacesuit?

The Suit Will Smell & You Will Need To Eject You Head Gear To Release the Gas Smell!

Why would a car cut off while pressing the gas?

Possibly a hose is broken or disconnected on the crankcase ventilation system?Intake Manifold?

What do your car do when your 02 sensor go out?

shaking jerking when pressing on gas

Driving 30 kph on third or fourth gear which is economical?

The answer depends on the gear ratio of the vehicle in question.One vehicle may get better gas mileage in 3rd gear, while another may do better in 4th.Generally speaking a lower RPM measurement while driving will yield greater efficiency, and will therefore be more economical.This means that it would be typical to get better gas mileage in 4th gear because the engine would have to be operating at a higher RPM to do the same thing in 3rd gear.

Transmission shifts when pressing gas pedal?

kick down cable is stuck