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If the reporting bank tells chexsystems to remove your name from the database then it should not take 2 years.

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Q: Why would it take more than two years for information to be removed from ChexSystems if the bank requested removal of information?
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How long does it take to get out of Chexsystems?

It takes 5 years to be removed. If you are not removed after 5 years you need to send in a letter to request removal

Can chex systems remove you from their records in four years?

Chexsystems will remove all records after 5 years. In order to be removed prior to this time, you must file a dispute with chexsystems. There is no guarantee for removal but many have been able to be removed by filing a dispute.

Will you be removed from ChexSystems even if the balance has not been paid off?

After five years. At least that is how long they kept me in and I paid. It makes no difference if you pay or not. You will still be in Chex systems for at least five years. The only way to get out of chexsystems is to wait the 5 years or file a dispute with either chexsystems or the bank that reported you to chexsystems. There is no guarantee for removal. Paying Chexsystems will NOT remove you. They do however have to make sure their records show that no debt is owed. Chexsystems is a CRA and must adhere to the FCRA. All information on your report MUST be accurate or deleted.

How do I get a get out of check systems?

If you have been reported to ChexSystems, your record will stay on there for 7 years and then drop off. I was on there for 3 years and couldn't open an account at any major bank. I found the "ChexSystems Removal Kit" from IDTheft Pros and I was removed from ChexSystems in 2 weeks. I highly recommend it! I hope that helps.

Is it true that even after you pay the bank you owe that you will stay on Chex Systems for up to 7 years and can't they take you off?

The reporting bank can request to chexsystems to remove you. Chexsystems reports remain for 5 years unless disputed. There is no guarantee for removal. Once the 5 years is up, you should be removed

Can chexsystems be added on a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

ChexSystems is a type of credit reporting agency. The debt would be to the bank which listed your debt with ChexSystems. List the bank to which you owe money with ChexSystems as an "additional address" so that both the bank and ChexSystems will both receive notice and your debt can be removed from ChexSystems database as well. However, the BANK is the creditor, NOT ChexSystems. Be sure to list the bank. *I am not a licensed attorney and this answer should not be construed as legal advice. Please consult with your attorney for actual legal advice.

Does bankruptcy show as zero balance on ChexSystems?

Yes, if you file bankruptcy your file needs to be updated to show you no longer owe. If it does not you will need to file a dispute with chexsystems and have the error corrected. Some people have been removed from chexsystems after a bankruptcy. They do NOT have to remove you but they must have an accurate file showing a balance of zero

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Can items listed in a ChexSystems or CheckCare report be removed after their inclusion and discharge in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, your information will remain on the ChexSystems database even after a BK discharge. Chex Systems may add a statement to your report showing that the account was included in the BK, but the reality is, they will continue to hold your record until the 5 year term has lapsed.

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