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Unless you have picked up some bad habits from him or have been diagnosed as narcissistic then he's angry because he doesn't feel you need to be at the NA meetings now that he is seeing someone else. Narcissists don't recognize what and who they are and more often than not counseling doesn't help them and of course his new girlfriend would probably not know that he is .... yet! I have a feeling you're doing it to get even with him. If so, stop! I know you hurt and are ready to hang this guy, but he's not worth it! Get on with your own life and kick this rat to the sewer.

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Why did they dumped tea into the water?

because they were upset about the price and wanted to protest it

What should you do if you break up with your boyfriend and he gets really upset?

Tell him exactly why you dumped him. Be nice and try to understand that he may have really liked you. But also understand that you can give him another chance to improve on what he did not do or did but should not have

He dumped you without telling you why?

He's afraid that you might get upset or hurt more with the reason. What i would do is settle down, try to talk to him, tell him that no matter what you wont get upset and you deserve a reason, and see how it goes.

What is another words for upset?


How do you deal with being dumped by email and she blames everything on you?

1st ask why? 2nd ask yourself if you have done anythink wrong that could upset her

Will a man think you are very upset when he dumped you on the phone if you didn't say anything and quietly hung up?

Most likely, yes. If you hung up without a word, and just the fact that you hung up, can make him think that you are upset.

What is a other word for appear?

Another word for appear is seem. They did not appear upset. They did not seem upset.

How do you get your ex back after he dumped you because of an age difference?

The worst thing you could do to him is to show how little you needed him: by not showing any upset or grief to him and moving on with your life.

Did Miley breakup with Nick or did Nick breakup with Miley?

Nick broke up with Miley, then he felt sorry for her because she was so upset so he decided to give her another chance. Just as he was going to break up with her again she found out that he was going to dump her so she dumped him first and he was cool about it.

What makes guys upset with their girlfriend?

snogging another boy.

What causes an upset stomach?

stomach acids may enter another part of the digestive system witch causes an upset stomach

What happend to Eminem uncle Ronnie?

He was really really close to Eminem. He introduced him to Hip-Hop. His girlfriend dumped him and he was so shocked and upset he killed himself. After he died, Eminem was devastated.

What is another word for sad is Spanish?

triste = sad malestar = upset

Why can't you please everyone?

by pleasing one person you can upset another.

What is past tense for upset?

upset: "I was upset." "He was upset." "He and I were both upset." "I upset him." ect

Should you be upset if your girlfriend flies to Florida to see another guy?


Why did American colonists dump 342 tea chests?

They were upset with the British for taxation without representation in America. The King was in England trying to tell them what to do, and they didn't like that. So as an act of rebellion, they dumped the tea.

Should you be upset if you found out your ex got the girl he cheated on you with pregnant if he now says he wants to be with you?

yes, to be upset is an option. To look for reasons why this happened is another.

How do i ask a girl out that i have already went out with?

1st u find out if she still likes u than u know to make your move,but if she dumped u than ur probably out of luck. 2nd if u dumped her why go out with her again? Anyway she may still be upset if it was recently that u broke up ,so you'll have to get on her good side.

What should you do if my girlfriend gets upset about another boy shes been out with?

I personally think that you should just ask her what she is upset about, and try to be the bigger man and understand her problem:)

What is another word for stomach upset?

Nauseous, heartburn, queasy, seasick, tummy ache...

What is adjective of upset?

The adjective of "upset" is "upset." The word "upset" can be a noun, a verb or an adjective. In the sentence "She's really upset," upset is an adjective.

What is the comparative and superlative of upset?

The comparative of upset is more upset; the superlative is most upset.

What is another word for make very upset and angry?

Could be agitate, aggravate, anger or annoy.

Can a horse get upset if it is seperated from the herd?

Yes, the horse can get very upset. It would neigh and gallop around the field. It may kick the stable if in it. But if you had another horse it would get friendly with that one.