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could be a poor ground if both are doing it could be dimmer switch if only one it could be the bulb itself

I had the same problem in my 1992 Cougar LS. I simply replaced the headlamp switch. It cost me $12 and took me about an hour to do it. The switch is to the left of the steering wheel. You will need to take the dash apart, and replace the switch. It was the first repair I ever did to any car, and it was so simple and cheap, I'm going to keep fixing things myself. ! -Cricket


I am currently having the same prblem...the lights work perfectly for a little while, and then they start blinking constantly. It seems like when the lamps heat up, they seem to shut on and off...I'm doing a complete troubleshooting expedition tommorrow...

hey guys... the headlight problem is a FACTORY RECALL for the 91-94 cougars.. take it to the Ford Garage and have them replace it for FREE..

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Q: Why would lights on a 1991 Mercury Cougar blink off and on while driving?
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What would cause the turn signals on a 1999 Mercury Cougar to not blink consistently and sometimes not at all?

I had the same problem in my 1999 Mercury Cougar, I replaced the flasher located in the blinker assembly. It was very simple to do. Flasher cost about $10

Why does the OD Off light blink on and off on a 1994 Mercury Cougar?

You may have a transmission problem. Have the computer scanned for Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

How do you get the signal lights to blink in a 98 mercury mystique?

You have to start by checking the bulbs or the flasher I think it may be the flasher.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Why does my 1996 mercury villager warning lights all blink and pulse even with the key out?

I figured it out was the inhibitor relay got wet.

Why 4x4 lights blink like a blinker?

When your 4X4 dash lights blink that is indicating a malfunction - could be just a sensor

Why would your 1999 Geo Tracker head lights and dash lights blink?

On a 1999 GEO Tracker, a bad fuse can cause the headlights and dash lights to blink. A bad voltage regulator or alternator can also cause lights to blink and flicker.

Why your 4w lights blink when the 4w is not workigin your Mitsubishi montero 2001?

i dont have an answer, but my 4wd works, the lights just blink randomly sometimes

Why do my 2003 ranger blinkers do not blink lights come on but do not blink?

turn signal relay is bad

Hazard lights do not blink?

replace the flasher fuse

Why do your signal lights nor the hazard lights blink in 1998 mercury mystique?

Try checking & replacing turn signal flasher, which is usually located underdash by your left knee if your sitting in the drivers seat. Good Luck...

How do you flash Christmas lights?

You can buy special bulbes that blink your lights slowly or you can computerize them.

What would cause the overdrive light to blink on a 1997 cougar?

it has a malfuction so its setting a code

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