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Why would my 2001 Pontiac Montana steering become almost not movable?


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2010-06-22 22:02:43
2010-06-22 22:02:43

A common problem with the Montana is the power steering pump.


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the struts are probably bad and need to be replaced. you can get them at almost any auto parts stores

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it is very dangerous to drive with a power steering leak. This is because steering can become almost impossible and you could have an accident.

The power steering reservoir is in a tough location on this car. It is located at the passenger side, rear of the motor, next to the firewall. The two heater hoses are almost right on top of the cap. You will need a long, bendable funnel to be able to add fluid if need be to reach the reservoir.

The pump is on the rear of the engine by the fire wall, clear towards the bottom of the engine. You will need a flashlight and almost laying on the engine to see it. Its a bare to check and even worse to fill.

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You won't want to. If you disconnect it, your steering will be almost too hard to turn in normal driving.

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your syeering will become vry heavy an almost hard to steer properly..check also your power steering fluid level..

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