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Heater control cable not adjusted properly?

Compressor not starting due to a low refrigerant charge?

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Why would the center of a spark blow out in your dodge truck?


Can a gasoline engine be converted to a diesel engine?

No the compression in a Gasoline is only 8 to 1 in a Diesel it is 22 to 1 so it would blow up

What would cause the dipstick on dodge neon to blow out of the tube?

wah wah wah

2004 dodge diesel blowing oil out the oil blow by tube?

Too much oil in the pan. Broken piston rings. Bad turbo bearing seals.

What would happen if you put watered down diesel into an engine?

Diesel with water in it will blow the ends off the fuel injectors, which is why maintaining your water separator is so important.

What would cause engine oil and diesel fuel to blow out the exhaust stacks on a pre-emissions 12.7L DDEC 5 engine?

If they mix with the wrong things, it can blow out.

What would make egr valve blow out in 94 dodge 1500 with 318?

Restriction in the catalytic converter.

Will a blow off valve work on a diesel turbo motor?


When did Sandra Blow die?

Sandra Blow died in 2006.

Why would the hazard and turn signal fuse blow on a 1999 dodge ram pickup?

check for shorts in the system

What would cause the ignition fuse to continualy blow on a 2000 dodge neon?

You may have a short in the ignition system.

Would a water pump on a 2002 dodge stratus cause your car to not blow out hot air?

Yes it could.

What are the release dates for Death Blow - 2006?

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Why would front AC blow hot and rear AC blow cold on a 2000 Dodge Ram Van?

think about it they have independent control thus they have separate cooling systems

Which turbocharger do you wastegate on a twin turbo dodge cummins?

The small one that is connected to the exhaust manifold so it doesnt overspin and possibly blow up. Visit some of the diesel forums to learn how it is done.

What are the release dates for Tootsie Blow Pop - 2006?

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Will water in diesel fuel cause truck to blow white smoke?

It can.

Why would a diesel engine blow up with only 15000m on clock?

Driving like an absolute doughnut would cause that. Or not checking and toping up with oil and coolant.

Where is the fan relay for a 1999 dodge stratus?

what make the fan relay blow out on dodge stratus

How do you put a blow off valve in a turbo diesel engine?

Only gas engines use blow off valves.

Would accidentally running on petrol cause a Diesel engine to run much hotter than usual?

Yes and probably blow it up

What are the release dates for Look Out It's Going to Blow - 2006?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Death Blow - 2006?

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What is a good blow by for a 12.5 liter diesel?

"Blow-by" is not good for any engine. It indicates worn internal engine parts (rings)

Can a Dodge Dakota 318 blow up?

Any engine has the potential to "blow up," given the correct circumstances.