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There are a couple possibilities, mostly associated with tune-ups. It depends a lot on whether the engine is injected or has a carburetor.

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Q: Why would my car stall at a red light start up quickly but die again in drive but only after car is driven for 30 mins or more?
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You should drive slowly (perhaps 10 mph less than what is posted) and carefully in the rain. Be very careful when you are starting up again after being stopped at a red light; if you take off too quickly in the rain, you can easily spin out of control.

Can car be driven with check engine light on?

Drive it to the mechanic. You have something wrong and that is what the car is telling you. Oil, water, something is not right.

Why might the check engine light come on after you drive for a while but having the light be on seem to cause no other problems?

You need to have a diagnostic check done by your dealership or you mechanic. When the light comes on again drive to one of these facilities and have this check done. It is worth the money.

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Your dash light and the light showing if you am in park drive etc goes off then will flick on for a few minutes then off again. It makes it hard to drive at night as you can not see your speed.?

If a dash light is flickering on and off, it could be that the light is loose. Check to make sure that the light for the speedometer and the dash are in the holders that keep them from dropping out of the dash.

The check engine light comes on after a longer drive on the highway but it does not come back on after you shut the car off for a while and restart it again and drive in city limits why?

Check your O2 filters

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I have a 2001 Xterra which gets poor mileage and I have driven over 30 miles after the light came on on the highway.

Why would the power drive light be on in my 1998 Honda Passport?

because you have the power button turned on,push the button again to turn it off

Why does your service 4 wheel drive light come on when you engage 4 wheel drive?

The light that comes on when 4 wheel drive is engaged is not the service light. It is just an indicator light that comes on to let you know the 4 wheel drive is engaged. It will go off when the 4 wheel drive is disengaged.

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I have driven over 50 miles after the light.Subtract the amount needed to fill up from the tank capacity and multiply by MPG and you should get rough idea how many miles you can go.

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If you don't have an owners manual then I would think you would disable them using the light switch. Try pushing the dome light switch twice quickly, you should hear a bell chime. If you hear the chime, then the lights are disabled. Push the dome light twice quickly again, and that should reactivate the lights and you'll hear the chime again. If none of this works, depress the park brake pedal a couple of clicks down, that may work.

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How long can you drive when low oil light comes on?

The light is NOT a low oil light. It is a low OIL PRESSURE light. You can drive it until the engine seizes. Of course internal engine damage will start to occur as soon as the light comes on and you have no oil pressure if you continue to drive the vehicle.

Is it safe to drive to dealer with engine light on?

Generally, yes. If the light is on solid then almost cetainly so. However if the engine light is flashing on and off then you are possibly damaging the catalytic converter. Not good. Just make certain that the oil is full and the engine is not overheating. Also do not drive the car if it dies out or is acts unsafe in any way. I have lots of people drive cars into the shop here with the check engine light on. Most are basic problems ..O2 sensors, Hvac leaks... Again, if you are afraid to drive the car, then it is probably worth just towing it as it can be a bit scary to drive a car that you dont trust.

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Why does four wheel drive light flash?

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