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Why would my oil light stay on if all oil levels are correct?

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The sending unit is likely bad; replace it, per repair manual.

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Why would the oil light on a 1997 Camry 4 cylinder stay on after oil and filter was changed and levels are all correct?

Oil PRESSURE is an indication of the condition of the engine's bearings. If the oil pressure is low, the engine is about ready to quit.

What would cause the emergency brake light to stay on all the time on a 2001 Nissan Frontier?

check your brake fluid levels

Why does air pressure tire light stay on when pressure on tires is correct?

Even though all four tires have the correct tire pressure, the light will stay on if the pressure in the spare tire is incorrect. This is because of a sensor in the tires.

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When I turn on my Headlights my brake lights stay on. I have replaced the brake light switch and checked all fuses What else can you check 97 Corolla?

i would heck that you have the correct double element bulbs in your tail light assembly

Why would the brake light stay on for 1995 Ford Taurus?

It is important to know what the meanings of the emergency lights on a ca. A brake light would stay on in a car because the brake system needed to be fixed, and the light needed to be reset.

What would make the battery light stay on in an 01 Honda Civic The alt is new and putting out the correct voltage the battery is charged you have no problem starting the car but the light does not go?

it's either your wiring or the wrong alternator or a bad battery !!

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What would cause the battery light in a car to stay on when started but when turned off and on again it does not stay on?

The alternator is failing.

Why would the servic engine light stay on on a 2002 trans am that has had all recommended service done and a new locking gas cap put on and hoses checked?

A malfunctioning sensor can cause the service engine light to stay on. A glitch in the computer can also cause the light to stay on.

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Why does the ABS light stay on and the ETS light stay on?

Check your ABS sensor

Why would the ac light stay on in your 2000 cavalier?

Low refrigerant? Bad sensor?

What would cause the ABS warning light to stay on?

You need to have the ABS system scanned with a computer to determine the reason for the light staying "on"

Why do head lights stay on when car is off?

There are many reasons why a head light would stay on when car is off. These lights could be automatic.

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Why does my Check engine light stay on in my 2001 Chevy Impala?

Check engine is an error. You have to go at a garage to see what is the error code, then correct the problem.

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Why would the voltage light come on and stay on in a 1999 dodge caravan?

That would happen if the alternator is over or under charging.

Why would the coolant light stay on in your 1998 sunfire if the car is full of coolant?

Bad sensor? == ==

What would cause the airbag light to stay on in a 2006 Chrysler Sebring?

The airbag light stays on when the computer detects a malfunction and sets a code.

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Why does the thermostat light stay on in the Kia while the engine is running?

Your KIA is either low on anti freeze or the thermostat is stuck and your engine is not operating at the correct temperature.

Why would a 2001 ford f150 cargo and interior light stay on when doors are closed and headlights are off?

why would a 1995 ford f150 interior and cargo lights stay on with the doors closed ?

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