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are you sure you are looking at engine oil or is it the tranny fluid(which is reddish brown but there are also synthetic motor oil that are reddish in color but DO NOT MIX regular oil w/synthetic oil make sure of what you have before adding causes major engine problems

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โˆ™ 2006-07-13 04:27:23
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Q: Why would oil be a reddish brown color?
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What if your oil in a Cadillac deville is brown color?

One would expect motor oil to be brown.

What color is hydraulic oil?

It depends on the application, it can be reddish brow, clear or red.

Should synthetic oil change color?

As the additives wear out and the oil ages it will change to a dark brown color just like regular oil

What color is the liver of A shark?

A shark liver is a pinkish reddish color just like the human liver is. A sharks liver has the main function of storing oil.

Does Heated oil turns brown is a physical or chemical property?

physical change hunnythe color would be the property of the oilbut as you can see the color changesthe chemicals do not

What color do you mix to green towels to make brown?

fish oil

What color is Crude oil what is its density the viscosity?

Crude oil is about as different as cheese. Varies a lot. color is black/brown,water white,dark green,reddish etc. it depends upon the components it hold (As lighter components it hold as lighter in color and as heaver as dark it will be) density is between 700 - 1000 kg/cum and kinematic viscosity can be anywhere between 1 and 8 cSt (centi stokes)

How often you should change your oil in a Nissan Sentra 2007?

when the oil on the dipstick changes color from a clearish golden brown to brown or black then you need to change your oi.

After changing the oil on a 2004 Elantra for the first time the car began jerking in and out of gear could I accidentally have drained the transmission fluid?

If it was reddish in color that is just what you did.

What color is diesel oil?

Black or brown but is another chemical is mixed it can turn different colours

How do you get brown color on roast chicken?

To have the skin Brown on a Roasted Chicken...Simply brush the skin with butter, margarine or oil before cooking.

Why is dipstick and oil cap milky brown in color?

Most likely blown head gasket but for some reason you have water or coolant in your oil

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