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because constellations don't look a whole lot like actual people or dogs. throw down a few random dots on a piece of paper and I bet you could come up with a hundred possibilities for "constellations"

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What star constellation is named afterthe great hunter?

Orion is the hunter.

What is the meaning of the constellation Orion?

Orion,the Great Hunter

How did Orion the constellation get its name?

This constellation is named after a hunter in Greek mythology by the name of Orion. Homer's epic called the 'Odyssey' has a mythic tale about this great hunter.

What is the name of the constellation that is also known as The Great Hunter?

Orion, which is located on celestial equator.

How did Orion become a constellation?

The earliest reference to Orion was in a mammoth ivory carving which was found over 32,000 years ago. It references a great hunter. The constellation can be seen throughout the world.

Who is Orion in the zodiac?

Orion is not a constellation included in the zodiac. The Sun does not pass through this sign and it is not on the ecliptic. Orion was a great hunter in Greek mythology.

How did constellation Ryan's Belt get its name?

It's not a constellation but a group of stars, and it's 'Orion's Belt', not 'Ryan's Belt' - you're heard it wrong. The formation 'Orion's Belt' is in the constellation 'Orion' - supposedly Orion was a great hunter who Zeus put up among the stars.

How did orion get its name?

Orion got its name from Artemies. Orion was a great hunter. Atemies brother, Apollo, tricked his sister Artemies and Artemies killed Orion. After she found out it was a trick from her brother, she felt bad for him that she put him up in the sky with his nameanother version is that Orion was fighting with a scorpion but got killed by the scorpion. so Artemies put both of them into the sky. But she put them up into the sky in the opposit side of the sky.The Orion constellation got its name due to the fact that it resembled the character Orion from mythology. Orion was a great hunter and the constellation resembles a hunter.

What is the Star Constellation Name for December?

great bear constellation

The saucepan constellation is part of a bigger constellation what is it?

The 'saucepan constellation' is The Big Dipper / The Plough, and it is not a 'constellation', as you rightly suggested, but part of Ursa Major ('The Great Bear').

What is the constellation Canis Major The Great Dog supposed to look like an animal person etc?

It's supposed to look like a dog. The especially bright star (Sirius) at the front top corner can be the dog's eye or nose. He is following right behind the constellation Orion, the Hunter.

What is India's culture?

the great culture left by europeans and corruption culture and the great dowry culture

What constellation was associated with the great bear?


What is another name for constellation?

The word "asterism" is used to refer to a pattern or grouping of stars that is not on the International Astronomical Union's list of constellations. But an Asterism IS NOT a constellation - it can be a pattern like the Big Dipper (which is part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear), Orion's Belt, The Summer Triangle, etc.

How many stars are in the Great Bear?

9 stars are there in the constellation the great bear.

Is the big dipper part of the constellation called the great bear?

yes its real name as a constellation is Ursa Major

A northern circumpolar constellation the great bear?


What constellation represents the Great Bear?

Ursa Major

What are the ursa major constellation names?

Great Bear

Where is the constellation Sirius?

Sirius is NOT a constellation - it's a star, the brightest star in our night sky. It's in the constellation, Canis Major the Great Dog - just left of Orion.

Which constellation is represented as a great winged horse?

Pegasus is represented as a great winged horse.

What culture named the constellation?

Most civilisations give names to the constellations-the ones we rely on are Greek, but we often translate them, like Great Bear. In fact we give them our own names like the Plough, the Saucepan and so on. Aquarius in fact was named by the Sumerians, not the Greeks. An official constellation-Columba-was named in 1592.

What is the Latin name for the great bear constellation?

Ursa Major

Which constellation is also called the Great Bear?

Ursa Major

Which constellation is called the 'Great Dog'?

Canis Major.