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Did you consider "ghosts" ? Yes Jimmy, the 1995 Nissan hardbody 4cyl, 4x4 is a playground for "who dun-its". Some chirpmunkies got into my engine compartment and made a nest. While having fun doing this, they chewed on some wires which created an energy flow - a perfect condition allowing "ghostly" apparations to enter. What happens in this pre OB-2 mode is that the computer won't shut it down, it simply goes into a mode which works. Your problem is a little more serious because having a dead battery when it's time to go to work can be daunting (to say the least). Push the button, get the code(s), check the vaccuum lines - all of them a minor crack can be deceiving. I used a can of electronic connection spray which is a maintenance saver for quick fixes. For many of the problems that the computer finds resources for, it opens up avenues for other "ghosts" to enter. It is always best to keep everything maintained and those pesky "ghosts" at bay. No matter what, have fun and keep smilin - smiles 4 miles !

I changed the switch but still had a problem. If the ignition key was off and the parking light were on or even the head lights I would have power to my radio, windshild wipers, if I turned the light off I'd lose power to them. It turned out that someone before me had put in a CD player and wired the dimmer on the radio to the memory or power wire, cause back feed of power to my light switch cause only one head light to glow.

AnswerMight be relay problem,just guessing. AnswerI don't know but if you find out let me know. I have a 1994 Nissan pickup doing the same thing. Dealer has been know help. AnswerI ALSO HAD THIS PROBLEM AND SOLVED IT BY REMOVING THE BLINKER/DIMMER SWITCH, DISASSEMBLING IT TO CLEAN ALL OF THE CONTACTS WITH ALCOHOL AND A TOOTH BRUSH REASSEMBLING AND REINSTALLING IT. IT'S A YEAR AND A HALF LATER NOW WITH NO PROBLEMS AnswerI had a similar problem, where the brights and daytime running lights wouldn't work. Which lead to the interior dash lights not to work and finally the tail lights. I change the dimmer/blinker switch and it fixed them all. AnswerTry replacing the switch on the steering column. This switch on my 1993 truck includes the headlights and turn signals. I had this problem before. I changed the headlights, check the relay switch, but still the same. Then I thought about this switch. Bingo!!!!
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Q: Why would one headlight on a '95 Nissan PU sometimes be lit when you get up in the morning?
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a Nissan Pulsar?

To replace the headlight bulb in a Nissan Pulsar a person must first find the headlight assembly which is slightly behind the lamp housing. Once the headlight assembly is accessed, all an individual would have to do is loosen the bulb a half turn and the whole thing comes out, then replace with the new bulb using the reverse method.

What would cause my low beam headlights on my 1991 Nissan pickup to not work when high beams work fine It is not the headlight?

bad light switch.

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my odometer sometimes working sometimes not working

Where is the headlight relay on a 1995 Nissan pickup?

== == == == == == The headlights do not work on my 95 Nissan pick-up, so my boyfriend starting eliminating causes. He finally thought it was the headlight relay which he found down below the fuse panel, by the clutch pedal inside. Ordered the part, replaced it, not the problem. Any help w/ what to try next would be appreciated. Thanks.

What controls the parking lights on a 94 Nissan PU Is there a relay or just the blinker control switch?

the headlight switch is bad buy a new one it would fix your problem..

What would cause a headlight not to work on a Corsa SXI 2002?

What would cause a headlight not to work on a Corsa SXI

How do you know if a headlight is blown on a Mazda 626?

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How do you remove the drivers side headlight assembly?

That would depend upon your make and model. I know on my Nissan 240sx to actually disassemble the headlight itself, you have to remove the glue attaching the glass to the backing of the headlight. This is usually done by heating it up in some sort of oven. If your just looking to change a bulb, Google your make and model and you should find sufficient results.

Should I replace the headlight bulb in my 2003 Nissan Xterra if the drivers-side bulb will only work when the highbeams are on is that a problem with the bulb and if so how would I replace it?

yes ,you need to change bulb.

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Why does may Kia Optima keep popping the headlights?

Make sure there is no condensation or sitting water in the headlight unit. It is sometimes hard to see it since the car has sealed beams. Any water getting into the headlight connection would pop the bulb.

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