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Clean house!Try sanding the metal contacts for the lights in the socket and a little on the bulb if its an older bulb. Odixation and general crap can increase the resistance and drop the current flow. The flasher isn't triggered and the side stays steady on. Answercould be the flasher
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Why do the turn signals stop blinking when the brake is applied in a 1989 Chevy pickup?

If the vehicle is equipped with a trailer light plug, the wires for the brake lights and the turn signals have been connected together, which is common, as many trailers do not have separate lights for brakes and turn signals.

How do computers work in cars?

The computer reads signals from sensors in the vehicle. The computer then processes the signals and takes action (like adjusting the air/fuel ratio) to make the car operate properly.

1994 Taurus Air Bag Dash Light Blinking a Code 45 What is a Code 45?

I believe it is "Left Radiator Crash Sensor Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly".

What length must rear of a vehicle be to require electric turn signals?

Any vehicle you drive on public roads is required to have turn signals.

Can motorcycles with factory turn signals take them off and use hand signals and be legal?

No, turn signals are required on the vehicle.

1990 ford tempo turn signals blink slow hazards work fine you can take front bulb out and rear bulb works fine?

The turn signal relay may be the problem if the turn signals in a Ford vehicle are blinking slowly. This relay is usually part of the electronic control module located near the engine.

How many fuses control the turn signals and brake lights?

It depends on the vehicle but in general you would have one fuse for the signals and one fuse for the brake lights.

You keep your vehicle in good condition by having the vehicle properly?


Are turn signals required on a vehicle in Oregon?

Only if your a Women

Is it illegal in Pennsylvania not to use turn signals?

The PA Motor Vehicle Code, § 3334. Turning movements and required signals- says that you will use your turn signals or hand signals when you are turning or changing lanes.

When are turn indicator signals requires on a vehicle?

You can keep ignoring that apparatus

Can a vehicle park in a handicap stall?

Yes, but only if it is properly registered as a handicap vehicle.

Why red light blinks in parked Honda Accord?

The vehicle probably has a security system installed. Many security systems have a blinking light to deter thieves from stealing something from the vehicle or stealing the vehicle itself..

What causes ac lite and recirculating lite blinking?

It depends on the vehicle, some will blink like that when the refrigerant level is low.

Why is the airbag light blinking on your 1994 Nissan sentra?

There is a problem with the SRS in your vehicle. This is not a DIY repair. Take it to a professional ASAP.

When a catalytic converter is not working properly will it cause the engine to not run properly?

it is ok to continue driving the vehicle while the catalytic converter is not working properly?

What does it mean when there is a green light in the shape of a key for a 2003 Honda crv?

The Green key symbol illuminating tells you that the immobilizer system has activated. Typically this indicator will come on when you first turn the ignition switch ON. It will go off if you are using a properly coded key for your vehicle. If the indicator is blinking, it does not recognize your key as the correct one for your vehicle and the vehicle's fuel system will be disabled.

1987 legend the speedometer was making noise and bouncing then finally just quit Now the S3 light is blinking Is that a coincedence?

you need to replace the vehicle speed sensor that should take care of bothe the speedodmeter and the blinking S3 light

Blinking check engine light on 2002 mercury sable?

If your check engine light is blinking that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected - have the vehicle scanned for any trouble code(s) to help diagnose and then repair the problem

What is the purpose of vehicle registration document?

The purpose of the vehicle registration document is to prove that your vehicle is properly registered when proof is so requested by an officer of the law.

What are the different signals used in automobile?

there are different signals used in automobile indicator- it is used while the vehicle turn left or right. revere light- it is used when the vehicle comes backward direction it is an signal for rear vehicle drivers brake light- it is used while the vehicle stops are slow down. head lamp- it is used in night times for seeing the roads clearly

If I remove the powertrain control module from my vehicle will it disable the vehicle completely?

Probably, the engine and or the transmission will not operate. If the vehicle has a body computer, it too will not work as it receives signals from the powertrain module usually.

What happens if you don't register your car within 30 days and instead leave it registered and insured in the old state?

What Happens is that you have just commited a crime. The law requires you to properly register the vehicle in your name within 30 days. The previous owners Insurance is Null and Void the moment he sold you the vehicle regardless of whether you registerd the vehicle or not.

If you need to cross the street when the traffic light is blinking what you can do?

The amber light blinking on a UK road means you can still cross if your quick enough. The light indicates to a driver that if the crossing is clear the vehicle can go, but if there is someone on there they have to wait until they have crossed over.

Why you can't use diesel in petrol vehicle?

The fuel will not ignite properly.