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Why would only one window of a 1990 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series work?


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2009-05-10 12:01:15
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IF THE WINDOW IS THE DRIVERS YOU MAY HAVE THE WINDOW LOCK OUT SWITCH ON AND OTHER WINDOWS WORK AT DRIVERS SWITCH ONLY IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE IT COULD BE THE WINDOW SWITCH sounds like a window gear is broken. it's a good deal of work. a mechanic can do it fairly easily I've been dealing with the same problem on a 91 town car here. Only the Driver's window works and the other three windows all stopped working at the exact time time. They all make noise as if the motors are doing their things, but no up and down. The window lock switch at the drivers side seems to have no impact on the symptoms. Perhaps in a related problem, I am now having issues with the power side view mirror and the radio is intermittent. I'm afraid that when the previous owner had some work done in the door panel that some wires may have been crossed. If fuses checked ok, this sounds like the window relay located under passenger side of dash behind kick plate. check fuse box under instrument panel, then fuse box under hoot on passenger side on top of wheel well. not likely 3 windows swithes go out at once, or 3 window motors.


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you can find the code in two places: One is on the manufacturer label with Vehicle weight and tire pressure specs. Two is to remove the window button circuitry and it should be on the inside facing the window regulator.

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