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Worn out gear. You need a mechanic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2005-11-06 03:39:51
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Q: Why would second gear stop working in a 1998 ford contour 4-cylinder?
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Why can't two contour lines overlap?

One contour can not cross another because a contour is one exact elevation; if it crossed another contour it would show that it is higher than the second contour on one side, but lower on the other side.

What would cause the gas gauge and speedometer to start and stop working on 1998 contour?

got the same exact problem.

Why would the natural gas tank on a 1999 Ford Contour CNG quit working?

Most likely, the tank has not quit working. The "brain" of the CNG system on your Contour is called a compuvalve. It is mounted under the car, below the engine. This is the likely failure of your vehicle. Fore more info, visit

What would cause the speedometer to stop working in a 1998 Ford Contour?

there is probably a sensor on the transmission that is either gone bad or become loose.

What is an antonym for contour?

The word contour does not exactly have an antonym, however, it you use contoured, the antonym would be flat.

How do you find the contour interval on the map?

Notice the pattern around that contour line. Then determine the interval that the surrounding contour lines are increasing or decreasing by. Ex. 50 100 150 200, the contour interval would then be 50

How would you use the words 'contour line' in a sentence?

The road followed the contour line around the mountain. The contour line was smooth and created good air flow over the wing.

A slope represented by contour lines that are would be the easiest to walk up?

The wider the contour lines on a map, the gentler the slope.

Why contour line never cross?

Contour lines denote the boundaries between levels in whatever data they're representing. For example if a map has height contours plotted on it, then the area between any two contour lines has a height that is above the lower contour value and below the upper contour value. If contour lines crossed that would indicate that the place where they cross has two separate values for the same measurement - in this case the land where the lines crossed would have 2 different heights, which is impossible.

On a topographic map how would you show an island in the ocean with an elevation of 80 feet if the contour interval is 10 feet?

You would just add 10 every contour line you pass until you get to the number 80.

Are doors for 1995 and 1996 contours interchangeable?

They are almost identical. If the style of contour is the same, i would say yes. IE - Contour GL.

How do you draw a contour map?

you would draw contour lines, and include a legend, and some landforms such as rivers, oceans, mountains, valleys... etc

How would a topographic map help plan hiking routes that can be easy for new hikers?

contour lines, contour intervals, slopes etc....

Why would you avoid a route where map shows contour lines that are very close together?

When contour lines are close together the land is steep

Which would be more likely to show a shallow 1.5-meter-deep depression in the ground a meter contour interval or a five meter contour interval?

A one meter contour interval would be more likely to show a shallow1.5-meter-deep depression in the ground than a five meter contour interval, because itshows more frequent changes in elevation.

What is the difference between a Ford Contour SE a Ford Contour LS and a Ford Contour GL?

GL is base model. No such thing as a Contour LS. Contour "LX" was supposed to be more luxurious than the base GL model. Contour SE is "sporty" trim model. Doing a quick read of a search on would have saved you the time of asking the question and waiting for a response. Should be enough information there to assist.

What would be the cause of ford 1999 contour over drive light not come on and off when you press it and how do you check if the switch is working?

Check to see if the bulb in the dash is burned out or not. The answer to your next question is for a mechanic. Remember to disconnect the negative side of the battery before working on the dash.

What does the surface of a calm lake have in common with a contour line?

Contour lines are used in Topography to show the elevation of the land on a map. When looking at a map the contour lines look very similar to how a calm lake would appear.

What would a 1998 contour new engine cost?

about 3800

It would be easy to walk up a slope represented by contour lines that?

It would be easy to walk up a slope represented by contour lines that were widely spaced as this represents a shallow gradient / slope.

What Superchip would be best for a '99 Contour Zetec and why?

none, its a ford contour, probably a 4cyl dont waste your time good luck bye

What is the labor cost to replace time change belt on a Ford Contour 1999?

what would it could to replace time belt on a Ford Contour 1999?

How much would replacing ignition on 2000 Camry cost?

If you have a 4cylinder not alot. But if you have a 6 then you can cry the blues like me. A least $1300 dollars.

What are the differences of a contour line in a steep area than a flat area?

If the lines in the contour map are very close together then the area would be considered steep. If they are further apart then it would be more gradual.

When would we use a contour map and why?

2 see da elevtion

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