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What color is the smoke? Black - running rich. Bluish - buring oil. White - burning coolant. When you smell the gas, it is inside or outside the minivan? Back of the car or near the front?

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What causes a sulfur smell when a engine is idling rough?

too much fuel (unburned) getting into the exhaust. could be your oxygen sensor or catalyst converter. less likely, a leaking fuel injector

Why does my car's exhaust smells like bleach?

don't ever smell your car's exhaust.

Why does a 2001 Honda crv shake when idling and smell like sulfur?

Bad catalytic convertor. Egg smell is a dead giveaway.

Why can you smell exhaust coming through the dashboard in your 1992 Volkswagen Eurovan?

You can smell exhaust because your exhaust pipes and exhaust system has worn out. As a result, the exhaust and carbon monoxide it contains leaks inside the van. Soon, it will not be a problem because the carbon monoxide will have killed all of you.

What are some of the signs of an exhaust leak?

2 most obvious signs of exhaust leak are noise and smell of exhaust fumes

Why do i Smell gas outside car not inside?

Take a second, lightly sniff gasoline fumes before its been burned, then compare with exhaust fumes, and see which you are smelling. Exhaust fumes you'll naturally smell around an idling car. unburned gasoline could be the result of an improperly set carb, mixing the wrong amounts of fuel and air, leaving you with unburned gasoline that is boiled, evaporated, and spit out the exhaust. Too much evaporated gas turns your exhaust black, so ive been told, so there could be a sign.

Why do you smell fumes from your 92 dodge shadow?

you could have a small hole in your exhaust between your engine and your muffler....you can patch the exhaust or replace your exhaust

Why do you smell car exhaust when there is no car exhaust?

there is always exhaust (expect when the engine's off or hybird) unless you are too close to the car in front of you.

Why does my cars exhaust smell like exhaust. it also smokes at start up.?

Is this a trick question?? This is wat i sound lik: "why does my cars EXHAUST smell like EXHAUS?its also SMOKES at START UP... Ima leave that as that

Why do you Smell of gasoline from 1996 Toyota Celica celica gt?

I would start by checking any leaks in your exhaust and fuel filter area, if there is any leaks throughout the exhaust the smell of gasoline or exhaust may come through into the interior.

How do you know if your car has exhaust fumes coming into the car when it is on?

exhaust is pretty easy to smell. If you smell it, then you likely do, also check the rear end of the car for possible places where the exhaust can get into. a battery powered carbon monoxide detector will also work

Smell of petrol in car?

exhaust leak or fuel leak

Why would you have an exhaust smell in your car before you start the engine then once the car is driven the smell is nonexistent?

Any exhaust smell in a car cab indicates an exhaust leak somewhere along the line. Th reason you don't smell it while driving is because the air flowing air under the car is blowing the exhaust gasses away before it can rise into the cab. After the car sits for a while, the gasses seep out of the leak, and up into the cab.

What would cause burning smell from exhaust pipe?

The burning smell from the exhaust pipe may be caused from oil or transmission fluid leaking into the exhaust pipe. For example, if your turbo is failing on the car, then that can cause leakage from the manifold into the exhaust pipe. There may be other reasons, too, which other people will be better articulating.

What is a problem you might notice using your sense of smell?

A fuel leak. A coolant leak, coolant has a sweet smell. An exhaust leak. A burnt clutch. A burnt rubber smell, from a slipping accessory belt/tensioner or rubber contacting the exhaust. A Moldy smell with the A/C on from a dirty/moldy evaporator. An oil leak, if it is leaking near the exhaust manifold, from say the valve cover. A smell from burnt brakes from a faulty brake caliper. A burnt plastic smell, from plastic melting against the exhaust( wiring loom, or plastic bag on catalytic converter). A. mildew smell caused by a water leak, clogged evap case drain, flogged sunroof drain.

What is the smell in the VW Bug?

Typically gas/exhaust, old car smell, history/character. All you need to know.

Would a bad exhaust cause car to smell gas when you start it?

yes nd it will also give of a oily smell with it

Why would the air smell like exhaust when you turn on the heat?

most likely you have a leak in the exhaust pipes or a bad catalytic converter

What if your car is rattling and exhaust smells of rotten eggs?

Most likely your exhaust is rattling and the smell is because your catalytic converter is bad

How to tell what O2 sensor is bad on 2004 jeep wrangler?

Check engine light (usually), sulpher/egg smell from exhaust, severly decreased fuel economy, sooty exhaust/tailpipe Check engine light (usually), sulpher/egg smell from exhaust, severly decreased fuel economy, sooty exhaust/tailpipe

Why does your car smell like carbon monoxide?

Your car doesn't smell like carbon monoxide because carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless. I can't suggest what caused that smell because I have no way of knowing what it smells like. An exhaust leak will cause your car to smell like exhaust ( and has carbon monoxide in it) and is hazardous to you and your passengers.

What makes a car smell like rotten eggs?

Car exhaust can smell like rotten eggs when the fuel has a lot of sulphur in it.

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