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You may have not allowed the camera time to focus. Press down and wait for the camera to focus before taking the picture. It may have focused on a subject in the foreground, thus causing a subject in the background to be out of focus. Read the owner's manual.

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Q: Why would some of the subjects of pictures on your Canon Digital Rebel be out of focus?
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Why is Canon Rebel XSi known as Canon 450D?

Canon has different names around the world for their Rebel (Amateur/Consumer) line of cameras. In the US, the line is known as the Canon Rebel XSi. In Japan, it is alternatively named the Canon Kiss X2 while in Europe and around the world, it is known as the Canon 450D. Canon has done this for at least most of their Rebel cameras. The original Rebel is called the Kiss Digital; the XT is known as the 350D or Kiss Digital N; the XTi is the Kiss Digital X or 450D, the XSi is the 450D or the Kiss X2, and finally, the new XS is the 1000D or the Kiss F. However, the "***D" title (ex. 450D) is often used interchangeably with the "Rebel X**" title (ex. Rebel XSi), even in the US or Japan.

When was the first Rebel TI digital camera released by Canon?

The Rebel T1i, also called the Canon EOS 500D, was first released to the public in May 2009. One year later, in February 2010, Canon released the Rebel T2i, the T1i's successor.

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Some specialty models of Canon Digital SLR include the 300D Digital Rebel Kiss Digital Camera. Some of the recent models are the 700D Rebel T5i Kiss X7i and the 650D Rebel T4i Kiss X6i.

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Nikon D60 Canon Rebel XSi Canon A590 Canon SD950 Nikon S51 Canon SD890 Canon SD790 Canon Sd770 Sony T200 Canon G9

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The Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP SLR Camera ranges in price from $250.00 and up. The reviews for this camera are excellent making the price estimate just right.

Is the Canon Rebel XSi or the Canon Rebel XTi a better camera?

Canon Rebel XSi - for sure. It is newer than Canon Rebel XTi and has 12 MP while XTi has 10 MP. Plus the XSi has live view, like a point and shoot camera you can use the LCD to take pictures. =================== I personally like the Canon 50D more than xsi or xti

You are thinking about buying a Canon EF 200mm f2.8L II aunto focus telephoto lens and am wondering if it will fit on both your canon rebel k2 35mm and also your digital canon rebel XSi?

Short answer,"yes." The Canon EF 200mmm lens is designed to fit a "full-frame" Canon EOS camera - film or digital. It will also fit all Canon DSLR's that have the smaller APS-size sensor, including all of the Digital Rebels.

Is the Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 15MP IS Digital SLR Camera Kit - Black good for a beginner?

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 15MP IS Digital SLR Camera Kit is a great choice for a beginner.

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Canon eos rebel t3 slr is a better camera compared to canon eos rebel t2i

Can you video record with a Canon EOS Digital rebel 300d?

yes by downloading EOS MOVIE RECORD

How do you retrieve pictures from a canon eos rebel xti if no camera card was in?

If you insert the USB cord directly into the camera, and open the CANON software which comes with the camera it should be able to find the pictures.

Which Canon digital camera should you buy in order to use the old lenses from a Canon AE1?

The short answer is: "None" See the answer for the question: Are canon t70 and canon eos rebel xsi lense compatible? The Canon AE1 takes FD mount lenses. All Canon digital cameras take EF lenses. They are not compatible.

Does 35mm canon rebel lenses fit on canon digital camera?

The short answer is "Yes." The long answer is: The 35mm Canon Rebel is a Canon EOS camera. All EOS cameras, including the 35mm Rebel, use Canon EF (auto focus) lenses. They can also use independently made lenses with EOS type camera mounts. All Canon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras can use all Canon EF (or independent manufacturer equivalent) lenses made for film or digital cameras. Most Canon DSLR's have an APS-C sensor that measures 22.2 x 14.8mm. (This is smaller than the 36 x 24mm image size on 35mm film.) In 2003, Canon introduced EF-S lenses that were optimized for the APS-C sensor size. The EF-S lenses will only fit on Canon 20D, 30D, 40D, and 50D cameras (as of 2008) and all Canon Digital Rebel cameras.

What is the warranty on the Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 15MP IS Digital SLR Camera Kit - Black?

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 15MP has a 90 day warranty