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It could be from being cold. And maybe just holding it in while awake.

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What controls sleep?

Neurotransmitters in the brain are in charge of whether someone is asleep or awake. When the brain begins to produce neurotransmitters like melatonin, someone will begin to feel sleepy.

Who did the study of physics begin with?

An apple falling from a tree.

What happens if a lysosome bursts?

The hydrolytic enzymes contained in the lysosome could begin digesting anything in the cytoplasm if not neutralized.

When did Santa Claus begin?

When all the Kids in the world fall asleep. My Myspace is " www.myspace.com/kaysyme

What are some words that begin with the prefix a?

About, afoot, ago, along, aside, asleep, atop, awake.

Why did the middle age begin?

because the fall of the Roman Empire was falling down

What is falling for the falls about?

Sonny and Chad begin officially dating. It's called "Falling for the Falls" because Chad tells Sonny that when she falls for him, she falls for his show, too.

How does Alice in Wonderland begin?

alices sister is reading her a book and then alice falls asleep and the whole rest of the movie is her dream

What is the rising and falling action in the lost hero?

the rising action is when they receive fissions and begin the journey

How did the flute begin?

I have no clue..someone help me out..

Can you speak while having an epileptic seizure?

You can speak, but as you would be semi-conscious at least, you would not be very coherent. It would be like someone talking in their sleep. People will sometimes repeat something over and over, but they would not know what they are saying until they begin to come out of the seizure. They won't know what they were saying, or really anything about what was happening at the height of the seizure. They will know they were having one, but not much about it. It is like when you wake up, and you know that you were asleep, but don't know what was happening when you were asleep, but begin to become aware of things as you wake up.

What is the falling action for The Masque of the Red Death?

The falling action is when the party goers realize that the uninvited guest who appears at midnight is in fact the Red Death himself and they all begin to die.

How did Oliver the musical begin?

It starts where there is someone in the bed and someone comes in and starts to have sex with them.

What will hit the ground first a hippo or a human?

You need to specify the question. If they are falling...from how high up are they when they begin to fall?

What are some holiday words that begin with the letter f?

festive, fairy, fun, falling (as in snow), furry, fantastic, ???

What happens to buoyant air?

Well since it is buoyant, it rises until it cools enough to begin falling again.

What is frightening and scary that starts with an f?

Falling, fatherhood, fiasco, fighting and frostbite can be frightening and scary. They begin with the letter f.

How many years should swimming pool tile last before needing to be replaced?

About 15-20 years, then they begin falling off. They can be re-attached initially, but will continue falling off over the years.

What is hi or hello?

A greeting when you meet someone or begin speaking to them.

Can someone get child support ordered on someone in army that is still pregnant?

Child support does not begin until the child is born and paternity is established. In Kansas, support has to begin during the pregnancy.

What is the falling action to Inkheart?

The falling action of the story, "Inkheart" is when Farid, Dustfinger, and Mo begin trying to rescue Maggie. Mo gets injured, so they try sending Maggie messages via their pet Marten.

What do you do when your hand falls asleep Why does it?

Someone's hand can fall asleep due to lack of circulation to the hand. When a person sits, or lays a certain way the circulation can be restricted if pressure is placed upon any one part of the arm or wrist. To regain circulation a person can move their arm and hand around to cause the blood to begin to flow back to the hand and the feeling of it having 'fallen asleep' to be removed.

How did the industrial revolutin begin?

it started when a girl from rotherham killed someone

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