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Why would someone feel warm all the time?

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Heat intolerance is a sign of thyroid trouble. Running chronic low-grade fevers is a sign of infection. Go to the doctor!

2006-08-18 14:18:22
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Why would someone have warm hands all the time?

The reason someone would have warm hands all the time might be due to a high blood pressure.

What does it feel like when you put on a coat that someone else has been wearing?


Do do you know you love someone?

Well it is simple! you get a feeling inside of you that you don't often feel. you can feel something special about them when you look at them. you feel warm inside! so that's when you know you love someone

What does a hug feel like?

From someone you really like or love, it feels amazing! It makes you feel warm, soft and sweet! You'll feel a bit dazed if its from someone you're in love with. Enjoy it! <3

Where in a baseball park would a matador feel at home?

A matador would feel at home in the bullpen where the pitchers warm up.

Why do you keep shivering when your body is warm?

Shivering when you are warm can mean that you have a temperature - however you would usually 'feel' cold but 'be' warm for this to be the case.

What would the mesozoic smell feel and sound like?

It would smell warm and tropical because of the warm, humid climate. It would sound noisy from the insects and loud from the dinosaurs' roaring. The dinosaurs would feel thick and leathery.ect

How does Bugs Bunny feel like?

Bugs Bunny would probably feel soft and warm if he was healthy .

What would it feel like to be at the Amazon river?

it feels warm and humid

What does a chilly welcome mean?

It's a saying that means you did not get a nice welcome at all. When someone is honestly welcoming you, you feel warm and loved - a chilly or cold welcome would be the opposite of that.

How do you use the word warm front in a sentence?

if a warm front passed overhead you would feel the air cooling down.

What air temp would make an outdoor pool feel warm?


How do you know if semen enters a vagina?

You would feel this warm wet substance inside of you

Why do you feel warm when it is going to rain?

When you feel warm it is not normal rain falling--it is acid rain. When the rain is warm stay indoors.

What is it like to have someone special to claim as you're own?

Having someone to claim as your own is just wonderful. It makes you feel warm inside and makes you feel .. well.. if you are alone at night, you get a feeling inside that you know they are thinking of you :)

What can you do to make people to feel warm?

To make someone feel warm, give them a bit of alcohol. It makes the blood vessels go towards the exterior of the body, which gives the illusion of being 'warmer'. Just a little will suffice. Alternately, you could actually warm them up, which is usually the way to go.

Why does a compost pile turn brown and feel warm all the time?

The bacteria make it so

Is a catfish warm or cold blooded?

Cold bloodedcatfish is cold blooded because if you feel the water it is cold. If the water was warm it would be dead if the catfish was in warm water.

How can you tell if you love that someone?

You feel all fluttery when your with them. You dream about them and think about them. When you hold their hand you feel warm and all your problems disappear. You smile at them a lot. Flirt with them etcc etcc

How warm does 50 - 60 degrees Celsius feel like to the hand from heated metal?

what would 60 celsius feel like

Reasons why someone would move to New Mexico?

Job oppurtunityWarm Weather

Does 16 degrees f feel warm on skin?

No, it would feel very cold. Sixteen degrees Fahrenheit is 16 degrees below freezing.

What would you do in the north pole?

I would spend a lot of my time trying to stay warm.

Why would you not feel warm in the temperature even know what temperature can be up to 1800 degrees Celsius?

Because you would have died at that temperature.

Why do when wear a string vest you feel cold but warm when if you wear a tight shirt over it .?

you feel warm because of the shirt...