Why would someone go to the extreme of telling a lie and then drive the police to the place where she said she worked for 4 years only to find that she had not worked there?

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I don't know. People do the strangest things
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How can you find someone who will hire a 15 year old who has a work permit?

Answer . \nTry your local grocery store as a bagger or a movie theatre as an usher. Most fast food restaurants and retail store won't hire employees under sixteen becuause of insurance liabilities. You might also consider looking into small businesses around your neighborhood that could use uns ( Full Answer )

Your 4 wheel drive does not work and the light does not go on why is this?

Possible loss of vacuum in front hubs . Most 4WD vehicles use automatically locking hubs. By engaging 4WD, a vacuum is formed in the front wheel hubs causing them to lock up into the front differential/transaxle so they can receive power through the transmission. If the seals are leaking, then th ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you came home from work to find your wife had left you for someone else and taken your 8-year-old and 4-year-old daughters and she said she stopped loving you years ago?

Answer . Whta do you mean by N? Sorry to hear of your situation. I would have to know a little more though to give any opinions/thoughts on your situation. Did she say why she has no feelings for you anymore? What problems were there. Your question is too vague to offer any insight. Good luck.

Why would all gears work on the automatic transmission of a 1999 Mazda 626 4cyl but it will only go into drive when the OD is off?

Answer . \nif it shifts into overdrive while on the freeway, and you push the button, drive it till it quits...ghetto...or diagnose the system using the manual...\n. \neveryone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERE ( Full Answer )

Can someone with a felony work for a police department?

Usually, the answer is no, not if they have been convicted. I am sure there are a few officers who have committed felonies and just have not been caught. There was a wanted criminal who took a job with the police. He made one serious mistake on his first day there. He ran his ID in the computer and ( Full Answer )

How does someone get a tax refund with no job I know someone who hasn't worked in almost 10 years has 4 kids I know a person can only claim 2 but she gets back 4K a year How is this possible?

Fist of all, she can claim as many children as are dependent onher. There is no 2 child limit. Earned income credit and childcredit are just two of the many ways one can get money back. I know you can claim as many children as are dependent to you, butyou can only get money back from 2 of them, bec ( Full Answer )

Can you tell someone you work for the FBI?

yes, at your discretion Why not However, be aware that impersonating a law enforcement official is a felony, and even just saying that you are FBI when you are not can get you in a ton of trouble.

Is it sinful to lie to someone to persuade them to do good works?

The question is, "Is it sinful to lie to someone?" The reason is irrelevant. The Bible says, "Thou shalt not bear false witness." It does not say, "Thou shalt not bear false witness except when you think you have a really, really good reason." It's not sinful Rom.3 . [7] For if the truth ( Full Answer )

Why would someone work for the CIA?

Good Outfit. . Good healthcare plan. . Looks good on your resume. . It is a challenge that requires genuine commitment.

Does a ps2 only work for a year?

No, actually they last for a long time. I do not know anyone who had to replace any version of their PS2 unless they actually broke it (being pissed, falling on it etc...) Also, I have had a PS2 and I use it all the time (not just games but it IS my DVD player still) and I've owned it for about 8 ye ( Full Answer )

Tell you about how the police officers work and how much they make?

Police officers are employees of your local state and federal government. Their salaries are a public record and are set commensurate with the prevailing wages of othere law enforcement agencies in their area and the prevailing salary scales predominating in that part of the country. You should rese ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if someone is telling a lie?

Usually you can tell if someone is lying by their body language. If someone starts playing with their hair, clothes, fingers, etc. they are usually lying. If they won't look you in the eye and look in all different directions, they're lying. If someone isn't speaking clearly, they are probably lying ( Full Answer )

I have a friend who sees spirits and told me there was a spirit where I work. Last night he gave me what he called a mage stone and said it would protect me. Can someone tell me what that is?

Please stay away from this kind of thing. It will drive you nuts! Do not let yourself get sucked into this. It could open up issues you wish you had never gotten yourself into. Go about your daily life as normal. My personal opinion is, have faith in God, He is the one who will protect you. Been the ( Full Answer )

Find where someone works for free?

There are many places that people can work for free, includinghospitals. People can also volunteer for free in churches andanimal shelters.

Who said I can not tell a lie?

It was George Washington, but he didn't really say it. A book was written about him a 100 years after his death and one of the stories in the book relates that when he was asked who chopped down the cherry tree he said " I can not tell a lie. I did" This was a made up story that has come down to us ( Full Answer )

Do you have to tell someone how long they are suspended from work?

It depends on the circumstances surrounding the suspension As a general rule an employee suspension occurs when someone needs to be immediately removed from a situation (especially when verbal or physical violence could take place). Another possibility is that the employer is utilizing the suspensio ( Full Answer )

How does the 4 wheel drive work?

The engine turns the transmission which then turns the transfer case which then provides power to all 4 wheels

A police officer came to my work and asked me to go with him but did not tell me why. Does this mean that someone filed a police report against me?

It could mean many things. You might be considered a material witness in a crime. You might be the likely intended victim of an imminent crime and in need of protection. In most cases you are not required "to go with him."Have him explain the situation and circumstances. If a crime has been commi ( Full Answer )

You have been on work comp for 4 years recen you saw someone fellowing you so lawyer said stay in the house dont go anywhere do you really have to live like you are in jail?

If your claim is legit, you should not have to live like that. The investigator following you will see that you are doing nothing wrong. However. If you are defrauding the system, your lawyer is correct. From what I read, your lawyer is doing their job by protecting you from fraud charges. Sorry, ( Full Answer )

When can an police officer tell a lie?

The police are allowed to lie when questioning suspects they believe have committed criminal offenses, (particularly serious ones) - and especially when questioning hardened criminals, police can, and do, use subterfuge as part of their interrogation techniques. Police officers (like everyone else) ( Full Answer )

Who said work work work?

It is attributed to Lenin as his reply when asked what three things socialism needed to succeed. This is in contrast to the three needs of imperialism (land, labor, trade). *The quote was used in 'Firefly' by Wash when his wife Zoe dragged him off to their bunk. *In the movie "Blazing Saddles" ( Full Answer )

How can you tell someone does a lot of working out?

They will look more muscular and toned. Working out generally means resistance weight training, someone who partakes in this kind of activity generally develops a lot of muscle mass and reduces body fat (sub-cutaneous fat).

How can you tell someone does not work out in the gym?

Generally that person will have characterisitics suggesting that they do not undertake any physical activity. That person may look unfit or overweight, or they may be very skinny. A fitness test and body composition test will give you a more accurate idea of a person's fitness.

How do police find out were you work?

well, different officers are assigned to different areas of cities. once something has happened, they are told the situation over the radio, and thats how they know.