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Why would someone have purple lips?

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Low oxygen content of the bloodis usually thecause so it seems a good idea to see a doctor. Hope this helps!

2007-06-17 19:19:51
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What if your lips get purple?

If your lips get purple it would be smart to bet warm fast and drink something hot to heat up your body. purple lips come from being to cold and if your lips are icey blue and your figers are turing blueish than you should get out quick and warm up! though purple lips aren't that bad just whatch your self.

Why would a baby have purple lips?

Not getting enough oxygen.

What can cause your lips to turn purple?

when you're cold your lips will turn a blueish purple

Why does Obama have purple lips?

President Obama does not have purple lips. Your TV needs a color adjustment.

Why do your lips turn purple?

Yes they do turn purple but i do not know why

Why would a kid's lip's become purple?

theyd hav frostbite in their lips or cooky lipstick! :-)

Why are baby's lips purple?

Not enough oxygen.

What do purple spots on lips mean?

that your can be sick.

What causes purple lips?

Purple lips can be caused by the cold air or lack of oxygen. Cyanosis is the lack of oxygen and if it worsens, you should see your doctor.

Why would inside of mouth or lips discolor dark purple color?

The inside of the mouth or lips might discolor a dark purple color if the person is eating a dark colored candy. This may also happen if a person is eating blackberries or blueberries.

Can you catch aids by kissing someone on the lips?

No, you can not get AIDS by kissing someone on the lips.

Will vascular disease cause purple lips?


Can purple lips mean anemia in a young teenager?


What causes a person lips to turn purple?

If they are cold

When a baby has their lips turning purple what is that a sign of?


Name something a women would leave lipstick marks on?

Glass, cigarette, napkin, cheek, teeth, lips, someone else's lips.

How do you kiss someone with small lips?

The same way you would any other person.

Is red lips a symstom of too much oxygen?

It might be. Since lack of oxygen makes your lips purple or black

Can smoking pot turn your teeth green?

no, but lips will go purple.

My mom has swollen lips swollen throat shes dizzy headache and her lips are purple what is it help?

you need to phone 911 ASAP

Why would someone lips be white like cream is on them?

They might be sucking alot of men's penises.

Why would someone that dies have a purple or blue face?

de-oxygenated blood.

If blood pressure reading is 130 over 58 and your lips occasionally turn purple what does this indicate?

Lips turning purple or blue *could* be a sign of cyanosis, which indicates that you are not getting enough oxygen. There are a variety of conditions that can cause this, and all of them require a doctor's care. I would see a doctor immediately to investigate what is going on..

Can a fever cause purple lips?

A fever can indirectly cause purple lips. As your body temperature rises, you start to feel colder and colder. You should have your temperature checked, any fever over 104 can cause seizures.

Who was awarded Purple hearts in Vietnam?

Any soldier who is injured during combat as a direct result of something the enemy did is awarded the Purple Heart. In other words, someone who was crossing the street in Vietnam and hit by a car, or someone who contracted Malaria wouldn't get a Purple Heart. Someone hit by shrapnel from an exploding grenade or rocket, or someone hit by an enemy bullet, or someone injured or killed in a helicopter crash when the crash was caused by the enemy would get a purple heart. If the helicopter crashed for mechanical reasons, the award would probably not be made. If a person was hit by 'friendly fire' from our own units, they would not be awarded the Purple Heart.