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Why would someone who was your friend suddenly ignore you?


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2009-10-13 09:18:16
2009-10-13 09:18:16

Your friend might be angry at you, or just not want to hang out with you.


ask yourself have you done anything to upset your friend? im going through the same thing at the moment where im really angry at my friend and im finding the best way to deal with the situation is to ignore her. maybe there is something wrong? maybe she is ignoring everybody? maybe you should pay her a visit just to make sure everything is ok

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You did something. Give her your atention and figure out what you did and fix it.

I would just ignore it. I would say, " I know you are"

forget about him because most likely he was usin you to get to your friend. i would ignore him

because they miss you and want to stay with you

I would probably think to "ignore" someone is a word that means that someone is pretending not to listen to someone else.

My friend was acting really repulsive, because he always would ignore me.

your mom or your dad or your best friend or someone you can trust is what i would do your mom or your dad or your best friend or someone you can trust is what i would do

I would just ignore them and not worry if he/she talks to you just try to be nice

If you are attracted to them as well and would want to date them, why not just ask them out? If you are a friend/co-worker who is not interested in them, be friendly but ignore any flirtatious comments. If they ever ask you out, just say you're already seeing someone else.

well if someone was cyberbullying me i would report it to the site but really just try to ignore it and dont worry about it

A good friend would be someone that you have some things in common with; someone that you trust; someone that you respect and that respects you; someone you find easy to talk to. A good friend can like different things than you do, a good friend can disagree on certain things with you, but a good friend will be willing to discuss differences and be able accommodate the friend's feeling and beliefs. A good friend could be you.

Ask them what they are playing that and go from there when you consider if they are a friend or not! just ignore them and delete them or keep them and show them to their parents the next day but if you do that you could get beaten up by them so i say just ignore them and delete them

he clearly likes you and wants to be more then friends.

An associate is someone who you associate with often. A friend is someone who you would go out of your way to spend time with :)

I would dump them and go out with their friend if their friend liked me ☺ that's a smiley

i would ignore(not completely) their best friend just enough to let him know you don't like him and then flirt with your crush and see what happens...

(my opinon) would be to ignore them. if you still have a thing for the guy then just hang out with your best friend, but when hes with her, then leave and tell your best friend that you will hang out with her to have girl time

If i were you, I would dump him. I'm sure you can find someone who would rock your world if you only take the time to look. It's not worth being or trying to be with someone who doesn't like you or truly care about you, trust me, it's worth it. It's not cool your treated like that, and even if your current bf suddenly tries to care he is not what you need.

Yes. It is the belief that someone that would ignore laws against murder would obey a law about guns.

The antonym I could think of would be to ignore. There's really no other antonym unless someone can top that answer. If you have some put it on, for every ones good. So again, the antonym would be IGNORE.

you get banned for inappropriat language, bothering someone etc. . . someone can report you if you are bothering them. also, if someone is bothering you, you can ignore them and that person will disappear from your screen and can't whisper you or make any contact with you. personally i would advise you to ignore someone insead of reporting because they can get banned.

People like to think about who they would like to be, and hang around those kind of people. If you don't happen to fit in with who they would like to be, they probably don't want to be your friend.Note that who they would like to be is not necessarily a good person. Sometimes it is a good thing that someone doesn't want to be your friend.I find that the best thing is to find someone who would like to be just like you and be their friend. Of course, to do that, you have to be someone that other people would like to be - friendly, helpful, active, someone who likes themself.

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