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Why would taillights on a Mazda 626 not come on if the fuse is not blown?


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If you mean the "BRAKE LIGHTS", it could be the switch, the turn signal switch, broken wires or bad connection in the wires or a faulty ground. If you mean the tail lights that come on with the headlights, it could be a bad headlight switch, burned out bulbs, bad wires or connection or a faulty ground.


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Then go to a professional and have them look at it. Or your headlights and taillights light bulb thing is blown out. Either way you should go to a professional or have them come to you and DON'T DRIVE YOUR CAR!:0)

Check your fuses. One is probably blown out. If that is the case you might check the trailer light hookup if you have one.

Flasher relay is bad if the lights come on but do not flash. If they lights do not come on at all then the bulbs may be blown or the fuse if blown.

Bad servo Blown fuse Stop lights staying on Bad or misadjusted vacuum dump switch

If your tail lights and dash lights do not come on and the fuses are not blown it more than likely is the headlight switch.Dashlights and taillights on differant fuse.Just put one in my car Sat.

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check your fuses first, if none are blown, check the bulbs if none are blown, then take it to a shop you've got a wiring issue.

The headlights and taillights are assemblies. The lenses do not come apart.

Check the bulbs. You may have one installed incorrectly.

If the lights come on but do not flash then flasher relay is defective. If the do not even come on either a fuse is blown or a bulb is blown.

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Blown fuse, bad temp sensor, bad ground, bad fan motor

Blown fuse, Heat sensor broken or disconnected, thermostat jammed

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if the lights inside your van dont turn on as well that means your alternator fuse is blown, headlights and taillights will work but the car wont start until you replace the fuse. fuse is located in the engine bay at the front area by the radiator.

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Brake light switch might need to be replaced. Simpler answer would be a blown fuse.

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