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Shift + 2 = @ There is no "at" key on the keyboard. The "Alt" key, located directly left and right of the space key may be what you're looking for, or perhaps you are looking for the "@" key, which can be printed by holding down either the left or right shift key, and then clicking the "2" that is directly above the "Q" and "W" keys. Other possible problems include: 1. Your keyboard is broken 2. The input area is not selected.

2007-04-02 06:49:55
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where is period key on keyboard?

Why doesnt my laptops esc key work?

service the keyboard. the dust inside the key.

What is a keyboard key called?

A keyboard is a "board" with keys on it. So a keyboard key is called a, "Keyboard key". There is no fancier word for them.

Would someone please help you find the caps lock key?

On a common keyboard the cap locks key is the key above the shift key on the left side of the keyboard.

How do you get the a with circle to work on keyboard?

First you depress the "shift key", then depress the number 2 key.

Why would ten key on my keyboard not be working?

Your number lock key isn't on?

What would vibrate when you play a Keyboard?

the piano key

Why the window key in keyboard?

Why the window key in keyboard?

What is a keyboard and how does it work?

A keyboard is a input device primarily used on computing devices. The parts inside a keyboard are basically a computer. There is a circuit running under the keys and when the key is pressed it cuts the circuit in that area and the chip on the keyboard translate it as which key.

Where is the any key?

There is none. To press any key to continue would be to press a key on your keyboard, to continue.

How do you get the at to work on the keyboard?

You click the shift ke yand the @ or ' key at the same time and it should work.

What calculator key is used to square a number?

It would be the square root key. (√) `it is not on the keyboard

Can a laptop Keyboard be used on the desktop?

A laptop keyboard would not work on a desktop because the connectors would not match up. Unless its a wireless keyboard that can connect thru bluetooth, the laptop keyboard would not work on a desktop.

Enter key on the keyboard?

Yes, there is an 'enter' key on the keyboard.

How do you type a cubed sign?

turn on num lock. you need to have a full keyboard for this. hold the alt key and press 0179. release the alt key. the numbers at the top of the keyboard do not work for these special numbers. you need the numbers at the right of the regular keyboard for this to work. :D

How to fix laptop keyboard letter to work?

I used the Tab key, it worked for me.

How do you fix a keyboard on a laptop when the keys don't work?

Press Tab key

When a computer is powered on it asks for F1 key or F2 key?

Usually this is a keyboard error, although it is an error the keyboard may work with no issues, if so don't worry about the error.

What do you do if a key is short of your keyboard?

If your keyboard is missing a key, press the key-less spot very lightly when used, or try to place the key back on, or at best get a new keyboard.

What is the tone for canon in d on keyboard?

The tone or key would be D.

My keyboard won't work the numeric key?

Make sure that Number lock (NumLck) is on.



You have to type the a key very hard to get it to work?

I don't have to type my 'A' key hard, but if you do, I suggest removing your key, trying to fix or clean it, and putting it back. If that doesn't work, buy a new keyboard.

Where is the at keyboard?

The @ key is at the top left on your keyboard, on the same key as '2'. By pressing both the Shift key and the '2' key, you'll get: @

Were is the back slash on the keyboard?

It is usually on the key above the Enter (or Return) key on the keyboard.